Saturday, January 29, 2011


Happy 2 Years!!! Today marks 2 years since I began this blog.

 This is us the year we started the blog and Jake at 15 months...goodness how he has grown!

We went from the baby website to the blog and have invited in a whole world of people to follow along in our lives. Mostly focusing on Jake, but as the years have progressed adding in a little more of us to the Jake updates.

I thought it would be fun to look at some stats over the last 2 years:
The most read post on the blog has been Feed Him Well  
although, Pray For Him was our most commented post (we really love comments...feel free to let us know you were here.)
The majority of our readers are here in the United States (no surprise as this is a family update blog), but we also have readers in Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom, & South Korea. With a few other countries mixed in as well.

Google search found people searching for lots of words and visiting our site. Other then directly searching Nunnally Family Fun the other most popular search word was carbatarian which lead people to this post. I am sure that is not what they were really looking for. :)

Some of my favorite posts over the last 2 years in no particular order:

Run-probably because this post was featured on Tuesday Tours over at Metropolitan Mama(so exciting!!)
How Does Your Garden Grow
6 Wonderful Years
1st Hair Cut
The Worst Mom Of the Year Goes To
I could really post tons, but that is a few. Here are Jake birthday posts over the last 2 years.
Today your are 2
Jake's 2nd Birthday 
Happy Birthday Big Boy
Birthday Recap

Alright that should keep you busy with lots of reading...but really there has been so much that has happened and been blogged about over the last 2 years. And really we love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment next time you stop by!!

And here we are this past fall and our grown up 3 year old boy!!!

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  1. Happy 2 Years, Melissa! I'm so glad that you're part of the blogosphere.