Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Daily Moments(1/2-1/9)

If you follow my blog for Jake updates I am sure you are so excited that I am back to daily moments posts. A full post of just Jake pictures!
Sunday-Jan.2nd-This is really not a good picture, but it was such a a fun family game night that I wanted a picture to remember. A cozy night by the fire playing board games.

Monday-Jan. 3rd-Jake loves to play games on our phones. We have this app called zoodles and it is the perfect kid app. It is filled with lots of different games he can choose on his own to play without getting into the other things on the phone.
Tuesday-Jan. 4th-Can you spot Jake? Sometimes our playroom looks like this. It is kind of embarrassing, but it shows lots of fun was had that day.

Wednesday-Jan. 5th-This was Jake's best hiding spot. I really could not find him for a minute or two. I would call his name and could hear him in the distance answering back. Then I opened our pantry door and he was behind the trash can...cracking up laughing.

Thursday-Jan. 6th-Jake playing with his moon sand...love this stuff!

Friday-Jan. 7th-No matter how cold Jake still wants to be outside...and nothing is more fun then mowing the grass.

Saturday-Jan. 8th- Just because Jake is too cute!!!


  1. your son is awesome! Happy Project Life Tuesday!

  2. Look like you had a fun week. Great shots...

  3. awesome memories and such an adorable family...

  4. He is a sweetie! Our playroom used to look like that too. Enjoy it, they grow so fast

  5. I like the pic of Jake mowing how cute.

  6. Hee! I love the hidey hole pick and story - just precious!