Wednesday, May 27, 2009

5 Years

This is a little late, but I was computer free for the weekend. Friday...May 22nd Jason & I celebrated 5 years of wedded bliss!! 5 Years just seems like such a milestone. But is it really? The past 5 years have been the best. We decorated our house, took vacations, went through several cars, and of course had our sweet baby boy Jacob. Plus all the other great things we have done over the years. I am more in love with Jason then when we got married.

We spent a quite evening at home on Friday. With a dinner of champagne and chocolate cake. My friend Vickie, recreated our wedding cake...well the look not the flavor. Jason took Saturday, Sunday & Monday off work. Saturday afternoon Jake went to his Nana & Pawpaw's house and spent the night. Jason & I headed down town to Atlantic Station and walked around there and then had a great date at IKEA. Who doesn't love that place?? Ahh...the wonderful stuff they have there. Jason enjoyed trying out all the couches and beds. After a great time shopping we had a delicious dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. Sunday I slept until 9:30...I think that might the first time in like a year that I have been able to sleep in. It was great. Because of the sleeping in we didn't make it to church Sunday morning. But everyone is aloud a day off every once in a while...right? We then went to lunch and headed over to pick up Jake.

He didn't really seem to care that we had been gone, or that he hadn't seen us in 24 hours, but it was still good to see him. Jason & I had a great time, but days just don't seem the same without Jake there. We stayed at my parents house and hung out the rest of the weekend and enjoyed some time in the pool.

What a great relaxing anniversary weekend! And of course a blog wouldn't be complete without some wedding pictures.

As I reflect back on our wedding day and remember the love I felt and joy for marrying Jason. I am reminded of our wedding vows. Here is a little piece of what we said.

Jason-Sometimes your nearness takes my breath away
Melissa-and all the things I want to say can find no voice
Jason-then in silence I always know
Melissa-my eyes will speak my heart.

I can't believe how young we looked...or I guess we were! I loved my wedding and of course Love the man I married. What a great husband and now father Jason is.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


A good friend of mine has started taking pictures and I asked her if she would do some family pics of us outside. These are just a couple of the pictures so far. They turned out AWESOME!!! We also had some done of just Jake, me & Jason together and Jake & Jason. I will of course share as soon as I get them. But for now here are 4 that she sent me today. They are super cute. And if you are family don't worry as soon as I get the pictures I will be sending some to you.

Lots of Love!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A day at the zoo

We took Jake to Zoo Atlanta today. Jason & I both really enjoy the zoo and were very excited about taking him for his first zoo adventure. The good thing is Jake gets in free until he is 3 and we had a coupon for our tickets. The weather couldn't have been MORE perfect. The morning started out pretty chilly, but by late afternoon we had temperatures in the high 60's with a lite breeze. The zoo can get pretty miserable if it is really hot. Not to mention that it wasn't very crowded which aloud for us to see all the animals and spend as much time there as we wanted. Jake's favorite animal(is it really an animal?) were the birds, both the ones on exhibit and the ones freely flying around(good thing he was free anyway). They have a new parakeet exhibit where the you basically go into a bird cage and 100's of parakeets are flying all around you. Jason & Jake went in while I stayed outside and took pictures through the fence. (have you seen the movie "The Birds"...umm...yeah not going into a huge bird cage with them). He still enjoyed all the other animals and would point them out to us when were getting close or standing in front of them he made sure both Jason & I saw what he was seeing. And is totally ok that anything that walks on all fours and had fur he said was a dog and barked. And the elephant was a cow, but one day he will get it all straight. He had no problem naming the birds and saying "tweet, tweet." If the bird had a really large beak he would say "quack, quack." Oh and he was able to point out the sheep at the petting zoo and say "baa-baa." He was so cute trotting around the zoo, either by foot or being carried by Daddy. We had a great day as a family and really enjoyed our day in the great out doors! Of course being the paparazzi that I am...I took over 70 pictures. I will post a few of my favorites here and then the rest in a slide show.

Hope you all are having a great start to your week...we sure are here. Although the weather is a little chilly...I am ready for constant 80's. I am in need of some pool time!

Lots of love!

Jake is up from his nap so the slide show will have to come later!

At the petting zoo...all the sheep had just been shaved
Walking through the zoo

Jake looking at the praying monkey

Daddy & Jake in front of the zebras

This was in the Parakeet exhibit...he was cracking up laughing.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...(a couple days late)

To our mothers, grandmothers, and friends that our mothers we hope you had a very Happy Mother's Day...filled with lots of love!!

We had a great day! Sunday Jake & I spent the day at my mom's while Jason worked all day. Very annoying, but it is the way life at Dominos is I guess. But he did have Saturday off so we were able to spend the day together. And then he also had Monday off...which Jake & I both enjoyed. Sunday Jake & Jason gave me a necklace charm with little baby feet on it and on the back has Jake's intials and birthdate engraved on it. So sweet...Jason also bought me a new bathing suit, but not really for Mother's Day I guess. Saturday Jason made sure the house was cleaned up after he cooked dinner so I wouldn't have to do anything on Sunday while he was at work. And I didn't do anything. Just relaxed at my mom's haning out with her. All in all the weekend was pretty good and I enjoyed the days I had!

Just wanted to give everyone a quick Happy Mother's Day! Hope all of you had a great weekend and hopefully were able to relax or do whatever it is that you enjoy spending your days doing!

Lots of love!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

18 Months...a year and a half

Can you believe a year and a half ago we welcomed our precious Jake into this world? A year and a half ago our hearts were forevered changed and filled with a new fullness only a Mommy & Daddy could know. How greatful we are for the blessing of these past 18 months and the wonderfulness of watching Jake grow and grow. His personality appear and all the fun things he does. I can't believe it has been this long!! I remember every detail of the day Jake was born like it was just yesterday and how much I miss his sweet tiny baby feet, but OH MY GOSH how fun he is now at his big boy age of a year and a half...18 MONTHS!!!

He seems so grown to me at his new age...not sure why or what makes it that way, but to me he just seems a lot more like a toddler and nothing close to a baby boy any more. Hmm...what is new in the life of sweet Jacob. He is ALL boy! He LOVES to be outside and begs, cries, pleads with me from the moment he wakes up to go "outsh." Usually shortly after breakfast he and I are off for a walk(him in the stroller) this is so I can walk fast and get excersise, but then as soon as we get back we are in the back yard playing until lunch time. Except on those days when it rains and then I try all day long to explain to Jake that we can't go outside because it is raining. One day we might brave the rain for some super cute pictures, but until that day comes I will keep telling him we can't go out in the rain.

With over 40 words in his vocabulary now it is getting easier to understand what he wants. I can't really remember any more if it is a new word or one he has been saying for a while. He is starting to form 2 word sentences, but they don't really come out like you can understand. If you ask him a question and he doesn't know he will say"na no-no" for "I don't know." I love it!! He is also doing the hand motions for itsy bitsy spider and baby bumblebee. And will say a few of the words in Baby Bumblebee...his favorite is when the song says "ouch, it stung me." He gets so excited and says "oush" really loud. I love how he does his spider with his fingers barely moving. He will sing "round, round" for wheels on the bus. I will try to get him doing it on video next time. Just know that I am not a singer and the only way he does it is if I am singing.

Oh...a little temper is starting to form too. What fun it is and sometimes it is so hard for me not to laugh. If he doesn't get his way he will throw himself on the floor(but soft enough that he doesn't get hurt) and then just lay there. He doesn't kick or scream just lay there. If I walk away and don't pay any attention he moves closer to where I am and does it all over again.

He and I have so much fun during the day playing and doing whatever else we have planned for the day. He gets so excited when he sees his daddy. And he has moved out of his seperation anxiety stage and no longer cries when I leave him at church or with anyone that he knows(of course we haven't ever left him with anyone he didn't know).

I guess that is all for the 18 month update. Of course here are 2 pictures from his usual monthly chair.

He loves the phone...I was trying to get him to sit still