Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daily Moments (1/9-1/15)

So I could have just called this week snow moments! Really that is all we experienced the WHOLE week. I am ready for summer after this week. Please no more snow or ice.

Sunday-January 9th-Today is the day the snow started after only a few minutes everything was covered.

Monday-January 10th-The snow is here. Thank goodness Pawpaw took Jake sledding today. You can see from his face here he is having the very best time. He probably could have done this all day long!

Tuesday-January 11th-Another snow picture...really this was our entire week. Getting snow for snow cream.

Wednesday-January 12th-Silly Jake...no idea what these glasses go to, but Jake thought he was so funny when he found them at Nana's house.

Thursday-January 13th-I guess after so many days of snow and being stuck in the house there really wasn't anything left to take a picture of. Just imagine more snow!

Friday-January 14th-This is our backyard. The snow is not wet in this picture, but a huge skating rink of ice. It is hard to capture in a picture just how shiny, icy the snow is. But I do love how it looks with the setting sun reflecting the icyness.

Saturday-January 15th-Jake loves to wash dishes. Every time he puts a dish in the sink or sees a dirty dish he asks if he can wash the dishes. Although, this usually makes a bigger mess I know that in 10 years he will be fighting me to not have to wash the dishes.


  1. great photo's.. love the snow photo's can't get enough snow!!

  2. I hear ya...I'm a southerner and I'm ready for some summer! But...I love the pix..especially the backyard & glasses :)