Friday, January 29, 2010

Chuck E Cheese

My nephew (my step-brother's wife's son just to clarify for those who thought I only had 4 nephew's) turned 2 this month and had a party at Chuck E Cheese. How fun it is for Jake & Caleb to add another 2 year old boy to their family. This was Jake's 1st trip to Chuck E. Cheese and sad for him we won't be making too many trips back. The place was CRAZY!!! But we had fun celebrating Ashton's birthday with him and of course Jake loved playing. He was actually pretty good at a couple of the games. Push the button so the ball flies into the frogs mouth and push the button to punch the duck as it passes through.

Here are a few pictures of our adventurous day at the wonderful place of Chuck E. Cheese. Happy Birthday Ashton...we are so glad we could celebrate the day with you!!

Caleb, Ashton (b-day boy) & Jake
Riding the kid roller coaster

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


A couple of weeks ago Georgia was blessed with snow, but of course that always turns to ice and terrible roads. Everyone was advised to stay off the roads of course Jason braved it and headed to work. He encountered several closed roads and others that should have probably been closed, but thankfully he made it to work. And as usual being in the pizza business they were really busy. As soon as the snow started to fall I bundled Jake up and we went out to play in it. You never know if it will be one lone snow flake or lots of snow. We didn't really have enough accumulation to do anything with the snow, but it was fun playing while it was falling.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Changing Words

There are so many milestones children accomplish in their small lives. Some are slower like the 1st time they crawl or walk, but some happen on a daily basis. I am so blessed to be at home with my sweet little boy. And being able to see all his milestone both big and small really make my heart smile.

Talking is one that has several phases. From the first word, to the first sentence, but now we are onto changing words. He is moving from the cute baby way of saying things and making them into more of the actual word. Not really grown up but not baby any more. It is just another one of those bitter sweet my baby is getting to be such a big boy. Especially now with the milestone of moving to a toddler bed last week. (we are still struggling with him staying in his bed...he is getting out about 10 times before he goes to sleep) would love your suggestions on how to make this transition better!

Here are some of the words that have started to change:
He is now calling Jason "Daddy" instead of "Dada"
Drink went from "nuk" to "dink"
His blankie was "baby" now "byankie" (all l's sound like y's)
And one of the saddest one's he can now actually say "header" but still thankfully still prefers to call Heather "wawa" we love it and want that to be her aunt name forever.

Last week we were in the car and he said "Hi Mom." I asked him who Mom was and he said "that you Mom." Ugh...I thought I had a few more years of being Mommy! Thankfully this didn't continue and he still calls me Mommy. But when I called my mom "mom" the other day he said "why you call Nana Mom?" So then we had a whole talk about how she is my mommy and I am his mommy. Please oh please let me still be Mommy for a little while longer. Mom just sounds so grown up.

Oh and the questions have started too. Which I love...I am sure after a while they will drive me a little crazy, but for now I love explaining things to his curious mind. And I love seeing him use the right word in context like knowing when to ask me why or how. Those are his two favorites right now.

I am sure there are other words that are changing too, but those are the big ones for now. As I said before it is so bitter sweet to see him growing, but it is also such a joy and blessing to watch him learn and grow with every breath!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

"my jump out my bed"

That is what Jake said to me as he walked down the stairs about 15 minutes after being put to bed. He had gotten out of his bed once when he was about 19 months old, but hadn't done it again until last night. This time it was a nice smooth climbing out of the bed you can't even hear him hit the floor. We didn't hear him until he was opening his bed room door and we just thought it was a noise of course then we saw him coming down the stairs. We have been having the conversation for about 2 months now about knowing when to move him to his toddler bed. Well last night after 2 times of him climbing out we decided last night was as good as any to convert his bed to the toddler stage. We knew he would be able to get out easier, but we also thought he would be able to climb back into bed too(he couldn't get back into the crib once he climbed out) But 1st I had to put him back in his bed and get a video of his acrobatics plus I wanted to see for myself exactly how he was getting out of his bed.

After Jason got his bed all put together into the toddler bed we laid him down and read a book then kissed him and said goodnight. Through the monitor I heard him get up once and try the door, but couldn't get it open then I didn't hear him any more. With a little fear (because with it quite who knew what he was doing) I waited for about 10 minutes then went up to check on him. He had gotten back into his bed and was sound asleep. So little boy in his new big boy bed. Here's to hoping that the rest of the nights and especially nap time go as smoothly as the 1st night in his new bed!!! This is what I walked into and it was actually dark in his room, my flash on the camera just makes it look really bright!

Monday, January 4, 2010