Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrating with our families over the last 2 days! If I were to list all the things I am thankful for it would take up too much room and lots of time!! But I will say I am so thankful for our wonderful family & friends and all the many blessings we have!!! Life is so good and we couldn't be happy!!!

Of course Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without some black Friday shopping. This year Jason went along and actually admitted he had a good time. We started at 12am at Toys R Us where we were able to finish up Jake's Christmas and then hit a few stores after that. I don't really do black Friday for the deals more for the fun to me. There have been several years I went and didn't buy anything.

We hope you all have had a great Thanksgiving too. I will be back to regular blog updates later next week. For now I am still full and enjoying time with my family!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Iowa Surprise

We left for Iowa on Friday. My dad's birthday was Saturday and it was a total surprise to him that we were coming. All arranged by my step-mom who planned and bought plane tickets 2 months ago so we could celebrate with my dad. We hadn't seen them in 5 years! Yes, you really read that right. I hadn't seen my dad, step-mom or 13 year old brother in 5 years!!! And that means they had never met Jake. So we set off on Jake's 1st plane ride. Me, Jake, my sister Heather, & her little boy who is only 4 months older then Jake made it through Hartsfield Airport and onto a plane for a 2 hour flight where we actually landed in Illinois and then drove to my dad's house for the big surprise. He was totally shocked when we walked awesome to see the awe on his face when he said "hey."

We made it home Tuesday doing the whole plane, airport thing in reverse and finally getting to see my sweet hubby who Jake & I both missed very much. It was nice to sleep in my own bed last night with my hubby and not a 2 year old boy moving all over the bed. He seemed very happy to be back in his own bed too....sleepy much more sound then he had.

But even with all the sleep disruption and missing my hubby then trip was so worth it. And I think everyone had a great time seeing each again and getting to know each other for the 1st time.

All of this to say we are home and back to stuff that is more real life. Like cleaning and laundry. And oh yeah Thanksgiving is TOMORROW!! Thankfully (haha) we will be going to my mom's for the big meal, but I still have some sides and pies to make and grocery shopping to do before then. So a post full of pictures and detailed fun facts about our plane ride(Jake's 1st) and fun surprise trip which I couldn't mention anything about on the blog before now (you know dad does read this sometimes) will just have to come in later. Who knows I might get some super powers tonight to do it...since Jason is working super late and I am hoping to have my pies and stuff done in just a few short hours. So check back you just might get surprised too, but if not know that all of that fun Iowa trip stuff will be coming....but if might be after Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Year Check Up

Today Jake had his 2 year doctor visit. This post is going to be a long vent, but I will give you the basics right now so if you don't want to you don't have to read the whole vent!!!

He is 30 pounds which is the 75th percentile and 34 1/4" tall which is the 50th percentile. Everything looks good from that side! No shots today. After asking for a couple of weeks to see the doctor I don't think he will ask about it again. Because my nephew was a doctor for Halloween every time we talked about the doctor Jake would say "I want to see the Doctor." He didn't realize who the doctor was and wasn't happy when she started touching him.

That is the basics of the visit now on to my vent!!!

We will NEVER go to Cobb Pediatrics again!!! I promise NEVER!! I am on the hunt for a new ped right now. If you live in my area and you know of a great one please pass the name on to me.

I should have known this place was no good for us when at 4 months the nurse got his weight & height wrong on the chart so then at 6 months they were freaking out about his weight. But it took then several weight checks over several weeks before they realized it must have been a mistake on the chart. You think? I kept trying to tell them because the chart also showed that he had shrunk in length over those 2 months as well. Last time I checked babies aren't really shrinking.

I called this morning to double check that Jake's appointment was at 11:30 as I didn't get the usual courtesy call the day before. The girl who answers says "yes, we have Jacob down for 11:30 today." Great Jake and I head to the office if you know me you know that I am not late. In fact being late is one of my biggest pet peeves. So in true Melissa form I show up to the office at 11:10. Knowing that I would have a couple of papers to fill out and giving Jake some time to get used to the office. I go to sign in and the lady at the window ask who I was signing in (this women has never really had the friendliest attitude). She says she doesn't have a chart for him and then ask the lady at the window next to her(the sick sign in window) if she has it. Yes, she does Jake is scheduled for a sick visit today. I look at the lady and say "really? I scheduled his appointment over a month ago and obviously would not have known if he was going to be sick today." She says it is ok the doctor should have enough room to fit in a well check up instead.

I should break here to mention that I had the appointment scheduled for his 2 year check up, but I also had a couple of questions and wanted the doctor to look at his circumcision as it had been looking a little different. Other wise I might have just changed the appointment.

So we go to the waiting room. Jake is acting perfectly fine playing and getting up and down from the chairs 500 times and asking me "whats that, mommy?" 1000 more times. At 12:10 we still haven't been called back so I go ask the not so friendly lady at the window if she knows about how much longer the wait will be since our appointment was at 11:30. She says we are next and shouldn't be much longer they are just really backed up. Apparently only this particular doctor was backed up as others who had come in the office after me were being seen before me. This practice has several doctors in it. I just took the appointment with the one who had the earliest available when I called a month ago. So Jake & I continue to wait. FINALLY at 12:35 I hear Jacob called.

I go to where the nurse is supposed to be and she is not there. She has another little boy on the scale who is between the age of 8-10. "I say did you call Jacob?" The other mother looks at me and says "yes, this is Jacob." Clearly Jacob is a very popular name (nurse you might want to consider this). The nurse looks at the boy then at me and says are you Jacob (last name). I say yes, and then she looks at the chart and says "yes, he does like a lot more like the 2 year old who I have a chart for." Lucky for her she was taking us back or I might have seriously lost it!!

She stands Jake on the scale and then takes his temperature and says "oh he has a fever of 101." This office does have a sick and well waiting room, but still with lots of sick kids coming in this time of year no wonder after an hour of waiting my child now has a fever. Plus it was pretty warm in the waiting room.

We go back to the exam room and the doctor comes right in and says I may need to step out, but we will go ahead and get started. "Excuse me, I have been waiting over an hour and you might have to step out" this of course is only what I thought. I was really trying to have a good attitude about the whole thing. Especially since my giving for the day was me bringing in a bunch of magazines that I had at the house. This peds office never has anything for the parents to look at while they wait. She goes on with her exam thankfully never having to leave the room. But now at this point because he does have the low fever they are automatically assuming he is sick. And if you know my child you know he doesn't like other people. So of course as soon as the doctor started touching him he was crying which made his nose run. So she says you can tell he isn't felling well. "What? He was acting perfectly fine for the entire hour we waited." She checks ears...clear, then she checks his throat and says his tonsils look a little white so she wants to do a strep test. The strep test comes back negative as well. But she tells me " I am sure he isn't feeling well so you can just give him motrin every 6 hours. "Ok, Thank you." I am not a give my child medicine at every turn so I just take this info with a grain of salt knowing that his fever will probably be gone later that afternoon.

While the Doctor is doing her exam she is checking his boy area and says " I am having a hard time finding his 2nd testicle, have they ever had this problem before?" Me, "Umm, no, at least not that anyone has ever mentioned."(this is not what one of my questions was aobut...the circumcision area is what looked a little different to me not his other part) She then says, "this is kind of serious if one hasn't dropped it can cause testicular cancer. Are you sure there have always been two?" Me, "as far as I know yes, they have always been able to find two." She then says she will try again after she finishes the rest of his exam. She eventually finds it, but only after giving me a small heart attack thinking he might have something more serious wrong with him. I thought you didn't mention serious possibilities until you were sure.

Did I mention that the entire time the doctor is with us she is turning her head to cough? And then she asks me if she went over the growth chart. I say "no." She says to me "oh, I am not feeling well and my heads a little cloudy, I must have forgotten." Umm...HELLO!!! And you wonder why my child might have a just said you are sick and you are breathing all over my child while you are looking in his nose, eyes, ears, & throat. Of course he had the fever before he saw the Dr., but still if you are sick aren't you supposed to stay home.

There is a sliver lining in all of this craziness. My hubby & I still hadn't come to a complete decision about the flu shot. I know kind of crazy to still not know when I am at the doctors office. But I was trying to decide what to say or what choice to make. Because of the fever there was no choice to make. He didn't get any shots which I am perfectly happy with. The only thing I can think is he wasn't supposed to get the shots and that is why this fever all of a sudden popped up out of nowhere.

As I write this Jake is down for his nap & I am pretty sure he will be perfectly fine when he wakes up.

But top it to say I will NEVER go back to Cobb Pediatrics again. So the search continues for a new doctor. He doesn't go back until he is 3 so hopefully by then I will have found a doctor I like much better.

Now that I have that off my chest....I can go about my day happy and playing with my sweet little boy!! If you made it through this entire post please comment. Do you have any tips when looking for a pediatrician? Does your child see a pediatrician or a family practitioner? Any great data base you know of to search for peds in your area?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We have had such a fun time with our giving over the last 6 days! It is amazing how I feel each day knowing that I am going to be giving from the heart. I really feel like it has made me a little cheerier already!

To top it off this Sunday at church we started a series called Fearless. All about being fearless with your finances and trusting God. And of course the 1st week was on being generous!!! It really has inspired me to look further into ways I can give. And has led to some great conversations with my hubby.

So here is our past 6 days in recap. Ideally I will be recaping our week of giving on Sundays or Mondays, but the past couple of days have been really busy and time has gotten away from me. The 1st day I sent a Christmas card to a sick little boy. Then Friday my journey group was taking up fresh fruit donations for a group home I was so excited to go get my bags of apples and tangerines to give to the men that live in the group home.

Saturday was probably the most fun so far. We put together a box for a boy age 2-4 for Operation Christmas Child. We picked up a list of things to fill the box and Jake helped put them in the box. This was our 1st big lesson in giving as Jake was really fond of the spider man car and football we were putting in the shoe box. He had a little melt down and crying that they were "mine," but after a few minutes he was ready to put them in the box. We took the shoe box to Lifeway Christian bookstore (which is really close to being my favorite store). We dropped off our box & I was able to do some shopping, as well as, get a Christmas gift for Jake. Then Sunday I used the Old Navy give and get coupon. 5% of what I spent was donated to charity. Monday we took some of our slightly used winter coats to Sears Lands End department for the Big Warm Up and they will be donated to the homeless. And then today was a super easy click and give. Just by clicking on a link a donation was made to help stop child abuse.

I am so excited to see the things that God places in front of us as ways to give! 24 more days in our 30 days of giving, but we just might keep on going!!! Here are some pictures of us getting our Operation Christmas Child Shoe box together!

Also please note that you can click on any of the links to find out more about the places we have been giving. Most of what we did this week was totally free to us and can be to you too.

On our way to drop of our shoe box
Putting the final item in the box

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"The Gimmes"

In a world full of "gimmes" and "I wants" it is a challenge to raise a child who is not that way. Not to say that it is impossible, but you have to be intentional about helping it to not happen. Jake is fully in the "mine" stage of being 2. I am trying to help him see everything is not his. Although, this is a daily and some times hourly lesson I still keep guiding him. Letting him know that not everything is his and it is nice to share. Or even if it does belong to him it would be better to give it with a happy heart then yell "mine."

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a blog The Finer Things In Life and read her post about how her family had accepted the 30 day giving challenge which began on Nov. 1st. Tons of people have joined in and have been sharing all of the things they have been doing to give over the last 12 days in November. It doesn't have to be monetary giving any kind of heartfelt giving is the challenge.

So we are accepting the challenge and signing on to intentionally give for the next 30 days. Since I am behind in the times and just found out about it yesterday we did our 1st intentional act of
giving today and will continue until we have made it 30 days.

I will be posting about our families giving throughout our 30 days. This is not to boast, but simply to share what we are doing in our family. And since this whole blog is really just a journal for Jake this will be where I can keep a record of what we are doing. And maybe after reading some of the free or inexpensive ways we are giving you might be inspired to give too.

After all this is the season of giving!!!

I have already started a list of ways to give and have been searching the internet and following other bloggers ideas of what they have given. But we will also be using this time prayerfully asking God to send us ways to give and glorify him through this all. Because really giving is all about giving to God's Kingdom for his glory not for our family.

I am really hoping that from this we as a family will continue to intentionally give each day throughout the year to each other and our community. And mostly that this will begin a foundation of "the givings" instead of "the gimmes" for our little boy!!!

And because I am sure you are all wondering what our 1st day of giving was...we mailed a Chirstmas card to a sweet boy named Noah who is very sick and is celebrating Christmas this week with his family.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Music Tuesday

Every Tuesday for 8 or so weeks in the fall and then again in the spring Jake & I go to a mommy & me music class. A friend of mine's sister does it out of her house and it is so much fun. We went for the 1st time in the spring of this year. The 1st few weeks Jake would not let me put him down. Which was fine we just did the marching songs and stuff with me carrying him. No big deal. Several weeks into (in fact it might have been 2 weeks before the session ended) Jake started getting down and he would at least just stand or sit next to me...still not doing hand motions or anything like that. The fall session started back in September and next week is our last week. When we started going this time he was more comfortable and would sit with me and pay attention. About 2 weeks ago he started fully participating. He was doing the hand and leg motions and marching was the cutest thing ever. And it really made my heart proud to see him liking it so much (in front of the other mom's). I forgot to mention that before when he didn't want to participate as soon as we would get in the car to leave he would ask me to sing the "bee" song or the "finger" song. But here he was in front of the group going along with all the songs. He still won't do the train at the end, but that is fine he and I just walk around in the circle behind the train. Of course this week I had to bring my camera to get pictures of us during our music class. We are sad next Tuesday is our last class until January, but we will be practicing the songs during our break and hopefully Jake will come back with just as much enthusiasm has he has picked up these last couple of weeks. A big thank you goes out to Mrs. Jennifer for so generously offering her time to pray, sing & read with our sweet children.

For so many weeks this is how Jake would stand during the class, but right next to me
Playing with the scarves..."pop goes the weasel"

Where are the bees?
They are hidden inside where no body sees
here they come out of the hive 1,2, 3, 4, 5...tickle

clapping along with the song
playing with the instruments
hmm...which one to pick?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Tick Teet"

Halloween was lots of fun! My 3 nephews came over to all go trick or treating in our neighborhood. Despite the weather being a little drizzly there was nothing going to stop us from walking around the neighborhood. My little fire fighter loved almost every minute of it. You might remember last year... our little lion slept in the wagon the whole time! There were a few scary masks that he wasn't too fond of. One house had a scream guy riding a lawn mower with a dummy underneath & a fog machine. This is what Jason & I have been hearing all about for the last several days. In Jake's words "scary guy, hot guy, lawn mow in grass." Because of the fog he thinks it was hot fog=steam in a 2 year old mind. Jake was such a trooper and walked almost the entire time. He did want me to carry him on the way back to the house. It was just the cutest thing seeing my little boy all dressed in his fire man costume. And even in all his shyness he still went to the door and said "tick teet" and thank you to almost every person.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jake's 2nd Birthday

I made it through a weekend of celebration! Yes, there were a few(or a lot) tears. But the joy of celebrating 2 years with my sweet boy was definitely the high light of it all. We celebrated on Friday (Jake's actual birthday) with just the 3 of us! Such a nice way to enjoy each other. I made cheesecake filled pumpkin cupcakes for Jake to blow out a candle on and we also took him to get a free slice of cookie cake at Great American Cookie. The fun of spending the day together as our little family of 3 was the icing on the to speak!!!

Daddy wouldn't let him touch the candle...pouty face

Sunday, we then celebrated with our family & friends with a bubble themed party. You have to know that I love to plan parties and literally I have party themes for Jake picked out for the next 8 or so years. But it was lots of fun to see the kids play with all the bubbles and just seeing all of our friends and family together celebrating our little boy. Of course the cake is from spoonful of frosting and as always she did an amazing job.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Super Busy Weekend

Here are a few pictures from our Birthday/Halloween weekend. Will have a more detailed update later this week. But I am so tired and all I can give are a few pictures!