Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March Photos

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17 Months

Only 1 month and Jake will be a year and a half. Jason asked the other day when you stop counting their age in months. He thinks at a 18 months you just start calling them a year and a half until they are 2. I am not too sure. I will probably do the monthly updates until he is 2 and then we will see how it goes from there. But as far as calling his age by months...I am not to sure when to I will stop that. I once heard a lady say her child was 46 months and I had to take a few minutes and try to calculate how old that was. It sounded crazy to be counting months when your child was almost 4 years old(for thos of you still trying to figure it out). So my guess would be at 2 I will stop, but I will see how it feels when I get there.

Ok...onto the real reason you are reading...the latest and greatest with our sweet boy Jake!!

Of course he is a pro at walking and now running too. I still think it is hilarious to ask him to jump...still same as in the video. Which if you haven't seen it is too cute and you should scroll down to check it out.

It still amazes me how each day he seems more grown up then the day before. And I am still taking atleast a few pictures of him a week. March seemed to be a busy month with his 1st hair cut, being dedicated, and just plain playing that was just too cute!

He LOVES to play outside(still searching for a plastic climbing/slide toy)!!! It has been pretty rainy here lately and it is just so hard to explain to him that when it is raining we can't go outside. Every couple of hours he goes to the back door and says "out." He gets so sad when I tell him we can't. But soon he is back to running and finding something to play with or get into. Hmmm...other words he has started saying this month, he will put his hands together to pray and says "man" at the end when we pray before each meal...sometimes he thinks he is starving and it makes him mad to pray before I give him his food, but most of the time he will participate. He is also saying "run, "bubble," I think that is all for now. He has a huge vocabulary and sign language counts as words too. He is still signing his usual eat, more, milk, he will occasionally do please.

Along with playing outside he loves balls and books too. Which is great...except for the ball throwing in the house. But I love that he loves books. I hope it will continue throughout his life. I love to read and we have read to him since he was in my belly....in hopes that he would start to love books!

I guess that is all for the 17th month update. Jake is doing great and growing like a weed. We go back to the doctor for an 18 month check up.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Child Labor Laws

Jake loves to help me around the house. Usually he is just using a paper towel to wipe every surface he can reach, but today he helped out by sweeping. I had gotten the broom out to sweep the floor and when I started to put it away Jake tried reaching for it. So I gave it to him thinking...what could it hurt? Well, he swept the floor including the carpet for atleast 15 minutes if not longer. I finally took the broom from him so we could go play, but he loved it. And later that day kept going over to the closet where the broom is stored and tried to open the door. WOW!! I am sure once I am asking him to do chores he will want no part of it, but for now he loves to help with things like unloading the dishwasher, dusting, and wiping things off and I will keep letting him. I thought the video of him sweeping was pretty cute...enjoy!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

100% Boy...playing/eating dirt

The weather has been AMAZING...so Jake & I have been spending our afternoons outside. He loves it and will stand at the door waiting until I let him out. He chases the dog around(she won't let him get too close), but most of all he loves the dirt and rocks!! Gotta love a boy with dirt on his face!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dedication Presents

We gave Jake 3 presents today for his dedication. Yes, usually the 3 present theme is reserved for Christmas. It really started because I bought Jake 3 new toys at the consignment sale on Thursday. Jason & I talked about saving the toys for gifts, but I am terrible about saving things when I buy them and want to give them to Jake (or anyone for that matter) as soon as I buy them. So we decided that since Sunday was a special day we would wait until then. I went to the consignment sale on Thursday so it wasn't TOO long of a wait. Did I mention that I got all 3 of the toys for only $16?!?! So here is a video of Jake getting his 3 presents. He LOVES them and you can see him playing with the balls and dancing to the singing bird if you listen closely you can hear him roar when the toy roars. Now time to go through the play room and rotate toys. This makes it fun because then I can bring them out a few months later and they are like new again.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jake's dedication service

We had Jake’s “baby” dedication today at church. Yes, I know he isn’t really a baby any more, but we weren’t in a church we loved when he was born and I didn’t want to just have him dedicated in some random church. I wanted it to be a church we were actually committed to and invested in. So this morning our church West Ridge had their family dedication service and we were a part of it. It was very excited to celebrate with our families and church us making a commitment to raising Jake in a Christian home. Jake received a little Bible and a letter we are to give him from Pastor Bloye when he accepts Jesus into his heart at a later date. Here are a few pictures of us on stage making our commitment.

Hope you all had a great weekend! We did!! We missed all of you who couldn’t make it especially our out of town family!!!

Happy 30th Birthday

March 14th we celebrated Jason's 30th birthday!!! He was a little stressed to be turning 30th which surprised me that he would be worried about it. We did a lot of his birthday last weekend when he and I went to the Nascar race here in Atlanta. Jason was able to get a new hat and shirt for his driver Ryan Newman who changed numbers this year so all of his old stuff was no good. We had a great time (even though I get bored during the race). Jason loves it and was like a little kid...he was so excited!

Then we celebrated his actual birthday last night with his mom & dad, my mom & mike, & Heather...plus both boys...Jake & Caleb. We all went to a Japanese Steak house. And enjoyed some yummy food cooked in front of us by this hilarious guy. He really was great and did a great job. Caleb and Jake were both a little scared when he first started, but then Jake was ok and was laughing along with the guy. We all had a great time and enjoyed celebrating the big 30 with Jason and our families!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

He told me to "SH"

Yes, Jake has gotten quite the attitude these days. Only over the last week...maybe a little more has this attitude been poking it's way into our lives.

I will start with the the temper tantrums...WOW!!! These start so young...we were walking out of the nursery at church and I didn't want him to drag his blanket on the floor so I took it from him. That led to a full on melt down. He slowly sat himself on the floor, then laid down and started kicking his feet. It only lasted a minute or so, but still I couldn't believe that at 16 months this was already happening.

Then onto the he almost got a spanking....he was in the bath tub and decided it was fun to throw his toys out of the bath. I told him "no" once then he kept doing it so I said "no" again a little louder and he put his finger to his mouth and shushed me..."sh..sh" as he says. I couldn't believe this. I almost spanked him, but then just had to turn around because I was cracking up. How in the world do you parent when you find it so hilarious that your own son "shushed" you? It was really cute, but still totally attitude. Where did he get this from? I know we have been shushing lately when someone was sleeping or we needed to be quiet, but I never thought he would use it to shush me.

It is so much fun to see his little personality coming through...even in the defiant moments. I just had no idea they would come so young. I am hoping when the time really matters I will be able to get myself together and won't be laughing at the things he does when they can be disrespectful. But of course his shushing me really wasn't anything that needed a spanking...atleast for the time being.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Difference in a Steinke & a Nunnally

A Nunnally shares his ice cream...a Steinke has no problem eating his and the other being offered. Everyone knows Steinke's LOVE ice cream. Do you see Caleb's almost gone ice cream cone he is holding? Too cute!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

1st hair cut


AFTERJake had his 1st hair cut on Wednesday. He is now officially a BIG boy and it really makes him look so big. He was growing a terrible looking mullet. So it was time to cut it off and say goodbye to looking like a baby. Jason said if I didn’t get it cut he was going to cut it himself. Well, I had been dreading the 1st hair cut, 1-because it would get rid of his baby look and 2-because of the way he has been with strangers touching him. BUT if you will remember from the last post I told you he has turned into Mr. Personality…it was mostly true for the hair cut too. When I 1st sat him down he started to cry a little, but I just kind of held him in the little airplane seat and then he was fine. Of course blankie and paci in hand the whole time and he looked like he was going to cry, but for the most part he was really good. He started to cry again when she was using the shaver, but after just a second or two he was fine with that too. He was such a BIG boy and we are so proud of him. He was even just content to hold the unopened lollipop…thank goodness we didn’t have to deal with that sticky mess. I would have let him eat it if he was crying and it made him stop, but he didn’t care. Our sweet baby looks so grown up. Here is a slide show of the whole hair cut process.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I figured it out...how to post a video. This video was taken with my regular camera not video camera. I couldn't figure out how to turn it so...I am sorry that I turned the camera, but just turn your head to see it straight. I will know for next time not to turn it. And be sure your volume is on so you can hear Jake saying "jump." Oh and he was shoving some food in his mouth right as I started to tape. At the end when he grabs his paci and then reaches out his hand he is reaching for his blankie. They go hand and hand...I didn't have the blankie, but ever time he gets one he reaches out for the other.

16 Months

WOW…16 months! Hmm…let’s see what new things Jake is doing these days.

Well of course the biggest news is he is WALKING!!! He started walking on Feb. 19th only a little over a week before his 16 month birthday. But now he is all over the place. It was really funny watching him learn how to get up by himself. The first couple of days he was only walking when he could pull himself up on something. Tuesday (feb. 24th) he tried all day to stand up on his own. It was so funny. He would get one foot on the ground, but the other leg was on his knee and he just couldn’t figure out how to get his foot out from underneath him. Then he would stand (downward dog…for you yoga people) legs straight and upper body bent over kind of like an upside down v shape. He would push up and fall backward onto his bottom. You could just see the determination on his face. He really wanted to do it and never gave up trying it again and again. He must have practiced in his sleep how to do it because he woke up Wed. morning and he had no problem standing on his own. He is now all over the place. We saw Austin, Tyler, & Caleb this weekend and they all just think it is so funny to see him walking. Jake has also started trying to jump. He can’t really do it, but he says “jump” and bends his knees. He thinks he is doing it and it is so cute!!! It might be one of my favorite things he does and I get him to do it all the time. TOO CUTE!!!

Speaking of words he says…hmm…what else is he saying lately? Oh one of his favorite things is to dip his food, he says “dip” (extra pronunciation on the P) same with when he says “jump.” I can’t think of any other new words he is saying. He says a ton of stuff. Oh he says “joosh” for juice. Which is funny because he only gets juice 1 day a week when we go to chick-fil-a on Thursdays after Bible study so I think it is funny that he says it when he doesn’t get it that often. He says “bafsh” for bath. And he LOVES to take a bath. You can’t even mention the word around him. When he hears it he goes straight to the gate at the stairs and keeps repeating the word until you take him upstairs to take a bath. Even the other day when Jason said “bathroom” he still thought he was supposed to take a bath. That might be all the new words he says this month.

He is still picky about food. Can’t get him to eat a vegetable to save my life, but I still give them to him twice a day. One day he will remember that he likes them…I hope. Every week it is different what he will and won’t eat. That is a lot of fun to keep up with. One thing never changes he will eat fruit no matter what type. He loves fruit so hopefully he is getting enough vitamins that way. Some days he likes meat some he doesn’t. He usually wants to eat what I am eating even if he has his own food and even some times when we are eating the exact same thing he would rather have mine.

This month Jake turned into Mr. Personality. He loves people now…not all the time, but way more then he used to. He is always waving to people as they pass by and he loves giving other kids/babies hugs. Not sure what made him decide that it was ok to talk to people he didn’t know, but over the last couple of weeks he has changed.

I suppose that is all for this month’s update! Hope you all are doing great!!!

March Snow

It is so hard to believe that only a few days ago Jake & I were outside playing with just a long sleeve shirt on…no need for a jacket it was in the mid 60’s.

Just 3 days later the weather has taken a turn to the terribly cold. By the end of this snowy day the temp was 22 degrees. I know all of you reading in the north are thinking big deal…but for Georgia that is a big deal. It covered every news station the entire day plus the whole week leading up to it. The fact that on March 1st we would have snow was all the news could talk about. And they were right. Sunday morning when we woke up it was 43 degrees and they were predicting snow. I told Jason they were crazy it was too warm. Well we headed off to church in the rain and by the time we got out of church it was sleeting which quickly turned into SNOW!!! We got about 1 to 2 inches of snow. But by Sunday night it was done snowing and the roads were pretty much dried up…the grass and houses were still covered. Jake had a great time playing in the snow and Jason & I enjoyed a short snowball fight. Jake did not want to come inside, but we were all wet and freezing. Thank goodness by this weekend it is going to be in the 70’s…keeping my fingers crossed that the 70’s stick around and we don’t see any more FREEZING cold days!!!

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Happy 80th Birthday

Already knows where to go for money

eating ice cream all by himself

Grandmother with all her grandchildren and great grandchildren

We celebrated my Grandmother’s 80th Birthday this weekend. The entire family went out to dinner and Jake loved eating. Here are some pictures of our celebration and messy Jake eating all by himself. He loved it!