Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Worst Mom of The Year Goes To.....

ME!!! Well, maybe not really, but that is certainly how I felt.

Little back story first. I get ready(make-up, hair, ect) in the down stairs half bath. This way Jake can play with his toys or watch Playhouse Disney while I get ready. So Thursday I was getting ready to go to my book club. Jake was playing so nicely in his play room. I heard my phone alert for a text message so I walked out of the bathroom to grab my phone. As soon as I opened the phone to read my text message. Jake started crying. Not like, his screaming hurt crying, but still crying. I went into the bathroom and found him with my curling iron in his hand(not the hot part), but he had touched the hot part with his other hand. Immediately I pick him up, he seems to be better once I give him his paci, but I run his hand under cool water. He thinks he is washing his hands so he has no problem with the almost 10 minutes I want him to keep his hand under water. Of course he pretty much hand an instant blister on the palm side of his index finger.

Me, having no idea what to do for a burn went upstairs to the trusty internet. I brought Jake with me into the computer room and he acted like nothing had happened and was playing and getting into stuff. I look over at him to find him with a green sharpie in his hand and green stripes on his face. Umm...yeah those stripes didn't totally wipe off so even on Friday he still had the stripes on his face.

Back, to the burn. Basically I am supposed to leave it alone until the blisters pop and then keep it clean and dry so it doesn't get infected. But don't cover it because it needs air to heal. Yeah...not too sure about when it pops, it is on the palm of his hand and he touches everything with it.

The burn hasn't stopped him one bit. The day it happened he kept opening his hand and looking at it. Then he started pointing to the blister and saying "eww." But he hasn't been favoring that hand or acting like it hurts at all.

So there you have it at 19 months old...I am awarded the Worst Mom award. At least for a few minutes. Yes, I know the blister looks gross, and yes, I know to close the bathroom door, and yes, I know to keep him out of the bathroom ,and all those things, so please don't comment about all of that. I don't need to hear it. But feel free to share your Worst Mom moments...or at least what felt like it to you. Jason has assured me I am a wonderful mom, and these types of things happen. And of course the tons of hugs, kisses, and happy smiles Jake has given me since then have made me realize he doesn't care and I just might be doing a pretty good job at taking care of him. (for the most part...and most days)

Just so you know, this picture was taken the next day. He wasn't crying because of the burn, he was crying because I was holding his arm to get a picture of his hand

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  1. Awww, you poor thing, and I mean you Melissa, not Jake. You are not the worst mother. These things will happen, unfortunately. You feel horrible, but Jake will learn a lesson from it and so will you. You only get the Worst Mother Award when you do stuff like that on purpose, and I know from the bottom of my heart that you would NEVER hurt him on purpose, so I still know that you are a great mom.