Friday, August 6, 2010


Just yesterday he was a baby
and today it seems he is GROWN!

It started with a hair cut. Mind you this is not the 1st, but with each hair cut he has seemed older. Then Jason took him a couple weeks ago for another. When they came home he was GROWN!

We have been talking about getting rid of his pacifier for months now. Really it was more me holding back then anything. He loves his paci (and was super attached). I didn't want to be the one to make him sad.

We were down to 2 pacifiers left in the house(I promise those things disappear). Both the pacifiers had been chewed and were left with a hole in each. Last week Jake bit the end off his most favorite paci. But he was ok with it he still had the little bit favorite. (his words)

But really it was time to let go....I was having a hard time just giving it up.
And so was Jake. You couldn't even mention "get rid of the paci" if he  was a around. He would yell from where ever he was(because his ears were on radar for those words) "no, it not time to get rid of my paci."

I knew this road would not be fun...I am not a cry it out kind of parent. And what do you do when your sweet boy is crying for one of his most favorite possessions(the other is his blankie...which he still has)?

Finally the inevitable happened.....

While at my mom's and of course being the clown he is & trying to show off...
He bit the end off the VERY last paci we had(well really there was one at my mom's but we were done).

Before he did this we gave him full warning..."if you bite it off your paci will be gone and you won't have it any more."

When he did we all acted super excited and told him what a big boy he would be without a paci.
Too cute Caleb even gave him a high 5 and said "yeah, you a big boy no more paci."

Jake was proud!

For the 1st time ever he let you call him a big boy when talking about his paci. In months past he would say he was a big boy until you said "well, big boys don't have pacis." Then he would revert and so "no, my a baby."

I was not....literally I had to hold the tears back (even now as I write this post and recap the end I am holding tears back....ok, maybe a few rolling down my cheek).

This was the last thing holding him at being a baby

This was it....

From here what do you get?


That is the only word to describe my sweet baby boy this week...GROWN!! He just seems so grown without it. Although he had stopped walking around the house with it. He did still have it pretty regularly.

Some how he just seems GROWN!!!

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