Thursday, March 5, 2009

1st hair cut


AFTERJake had his 1st hair cut on Wednesday. He is now officially a BIG boy and it really makes him look so big. He was growing a terrible looking mullet. So it was time to cut it off and say goodbye to looking like a baby. Jason said if I didn’t get it cut he was going to cut it himself. Well, I had been dreading the 1st hair cut, 1-because it would get rid of his baby look and 2-because of the way he has been with strangers touching him. BUT if you will remember from the last post I told you he has turned into Mr. Personality…it was mostly true for the hair cut too. When I 1st sat him down he started to cry a little, but I just kind of held him in the little airplane seat and then he was fine. Of course blankie and paci in hand the whole time and he looked like he was going to cry, but for the most part he was really good. He started to cry again when she was using the shaver, but after just a second or two he was fine with that too. He was such a BIG boy and we are so proud of him. He was even just content to hold the unopened lollipop…thank goodness we didn’t have to deal with that sticky mess. I would have let him eat it if he was crying and it made him stop, but he didn’t care. Our sweet baby looks so grown up. Here is a slide show of the whole hair cut process.

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  2. Wow, he sure does look like a big boy now! I always thought it was funny how when Nicholas got a haircut, I always expected him to act differently because he looked so completely different, but NOPE, he was the same kid inside. Most of the time, that was a good thing :-)