Friday, November 5, 2010

Birthday Recap

It has been almost a week since Jake's birthday and I realized I hadn't posted about his party. So here is a recap of his birthday. I also realized I hadn't posted Halloween pictures that post will be up next week.

Jake's party this year was bugged themed...which turned out super cute. I was able to make several things and found some great deals on bug stuff in the spring that I had been saving until his birthday for party favors.

The party was pretty relaxed the kids ran around in the back yard and played and everyone else got to hang out and talk.

It was great to spend time with family and some very dear friends. Looking at everyone who was there and all I could think was how blessed we truly were. So many people love our precious Jake and were able to come and celebrate birthday #3 with us.

The Details:

             sugar cookies imprinted with bugs and "bugs & kisses" tags
                               Party favor bags with grass and bugs
                       Green spoons in dirt cups wtih bugs on tags
              The birthday table the dirt cups on in shape of a caterpillar

                               Friends enjoying yummy dirt cups
Although, I had thrown lots of rubber bugs in the grass it wouldn't be as much fun as looking for real bugs with magnifying glasses.

And this is how our birthday boy ended his party...most of the guest were still here and he crawled on daddy's lap and was fast asleep. Looks like bug birthdays can really wear a boy out!

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  1. We had a blast helping Jake celebrate! I love that my girl is hanging with the boys, digging bugs out of the dirt! LOL!