Monday, November 28, 2011

Workin' Man

With a Pawpaw in the landscape business and always working outside all the boys want to be working men. They where working man pants(khaki cargo pants like pawpaw wears to work) and of course you can't forget the working boots too.

My nephew Tyler decided he wanted to have a Willow Green(pawpaw's company), working man party for his 7th birthday. Pawpaw, of course, was all about him having a this kind of party. Pawpaw took to planning a real outside boy party.

The boys had races picking up leaves and putting into lawn bags, wheel barrow & lawn mower races, team races to put get bricks to the top of a ladder, and making hand prints in cement. No working man party would be complete without tools for prizes & each boy went home with their very own real tool set.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Surrounded by Love(shower)

Here are some other pictures from Lily's shower.

We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many people who love us and already love our sweet girl. It couldn't not have been better to celebrate Lily with all these wonderful people(and those who couldn't be there too).

 Jake showing all his sister's new pink & pretty stuff

 Just had to share...trying to get a picture with Jake...and in Jake fashion had to make silly faces in them all
 A group of wonderful & friends
 My mom & sisters
 The beautiful lady who put it all together...Thank You Vickie!!!
Amber...who was taking pictures and wasn't in our group shot.

Showered with Love(details)

My friend Vickie threw us the most beautiful girly baby shower. It was so exciting to see all the details she put together. She blessed us with a knitting themed baby shower with a touch of vintage to go along with it.

Started from Psalm 139:13 "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb."

She really is that creative to make a whole shower from a Bible verse. And it all looked so beautiful together.
Because breakfast might be one of my favorite types of food(is that a type or just a meal?) Vickie served   delicious breakfast food. And some may think baby shower games are cheesy, but I happen to think they are fun. And it seemed everyone enjoyed the games Vickie put together too.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Family Pics

We recently had our family pictures taken. My sweet friend Vickie did a great job on them. I don't want to give away what will be on our Christmas cards this I am sharing some of the outtakes. Jake was being very silly on picture day. We got several of him making funny faces.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

3rd Trimester

28 weeks...we have started the 3rd trimester!! That means Lily is almost here.

I have probably said this with every monthly update, but I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. And I know with Thanksgiving only 2 weeks away and then Christmas it is going to seem even faster. This time of year always goes so fast...I am determined to try and slow down to enjoy every minute. I want to take in all the Holiday fun with Jake since this is his last as an only child. I also want to take in every minute of this pregnancy(especially since it seems this could be the last). I want to remember every kick, every feeling, & even every discomfort.

My goal is to have her room finished by Thanksgiving. With last weeks painting and this weeks furniture delivery it looks like we will accomplish that goal. This will definitely help in being able to enjoy this season and not have to worry about getting everything finished in time for Lily to be here.

Are you wondering about her name? If we aren't friends on facebook you may have missed the official announcement. By a very small 1 vote we have a name winner....LILY KATE is our baby girl's name. As I have said she has been Lily for a long time, but we weren't sure about spelling or middle name.

Everything is going great with only a few discomforts. The biggest being heart burn. I had some heart burn with Jake, but it has been terrible this time. Over the last couple weeks it seems no matter what I eat, or drink I am likely to get heart burn. I have to say I am so glad that the only time I get heart burn is when I am pregnant...not sure how people deal with it all the time. It is so painful!!!

She is moving a lot, but already seems to be in a schedule. She moves a little in the morning when I first get up. I occasionally feel her throughout the day. Then just as it has been for a while she moves a whole bunch in the evening. I am excited to go to my Dr. appointment on Friday. I will get another ultrasound and will be able to see how she is positioned. At my last appointment her head was on my right side and butt was on my left, going all the across my belly. I can't tell if she has moved to be head down...I feel her moving all over my belly making it hard to tell which is what moving.

My wonderful best friend is hosting a baby shower for us this weekend. I am so excited to celebrate our sweet girl with our family & friends. I am sure I will have pictures to share from then.

Am I missing anything? Do you have any questions about this pregnancy?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

I realized I never shared pictures from the pumpkin patch. So here they are...our fun trip picking out the perfect pumpkins.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Weekend

We had a great time celebrating Halloween a couple times over the weekend.  Caleb & Jake separately decided to both be Captain America. Of course they both looked adorable in their matching costumes (even both not wanting to wear their mask).
Saturday we enjoyed a fun trick or treat activity filled with candy, lots of learning, & fun games.

On Halloween all the kids came to our house to do the real thing. In typical Jake fashion he was sick most of the day. (he seems to always be sick at his birthday & Halloween). He had a cough & mostly wanted to lay around the house all day, saying his head or stomach hurt. Never running a fever. Even saying he didn't want to trick or treat. But I knew that once the other boys got to the house he would want to participate. And he did perk up a lot when everyone was here. Even eating a piece of pizza and running and playing. So off we headed to trick or treat in our neighborhood. Jake made if for a couple of streets before deciding he was ready to go back to the house. We still had to walk back, but he stood with me instead of running up to houses with the other boys. Even not feeling well he still was so excited about trick or treating and kept saying how much fun it was and he couldn't believe how much candy he was getting. Thankfully he woke up feeling better Tuesday morning & by Tuesday afternoon he was back to his usual rambunctious boy self.

Cousins...7 Grandsons...Wyatt(6weeks), Logan & Luke(15 months), Jake(4), Caleb(4), Tyler(6), Austin(9)

                                                                 Jake and all his candy