Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yummy in her tummy

Over the last week Lily has really seemed ready to eat food. Along with putting everything in her mouth when we are eating she opens her mouth too. So tonight I decided it was time to start feeding her food. I go back and forth and I know there is a lot of discussion about what food to start with. I decided to start with rice cereal to get her used to eating off a spoon. Well, we will be moving to food very soon. She acted like she had been eating for weeks. As soon as the spoon was near her mouth she had it open and ready. She did make a few faces, but probably just getting used to the texture and taste. After a few bites she was grabbing the spoon and helping to put it in her mouth. I couldn't get the food in fast enough. She was too cute eating and I am excited to start making baby food and letting her try other foods too.

Monday, June 18, 2012

5 Months

Precious Lily,
You are 5 months old and sweeter then ever. You are rolling all over the floor and now putting everything in your mouth. When I say everything in your mouth...that is no joke. If anything even comes near your mouth you have it open. You discovered your feet this month too and love grabbing for them. You have really started playing with your toys too. You reach for them and entertain yourself with whatever is around. Of course most of the time Jake is right there playing with you too. He loves to pick you up and hold you and is always talking to you.

You are such a joy & I love watching you grow!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sports Camp

I sent my little boy off to camp. Well, not really...last week he attended sports camp. It was every day from 8:30-12:30. This was the 1st time he had been somewhere that I dropped him off with people he didn't really know. Two of the coaches he had were the same from the sports class he had been doing once a week. Game Time Sports has been one of our favorite weekly activities. It is great for Jake to be able to learn about several different sports before we put him in a team sport. Getting started with a team sport early a lot of times leads to kids being burnt out at a young age. When Jake finds a sport he really wants to do I am hoping he will continue through college. By doing Game Time sports he will have an advantage when he does pick a team sport...having already learned the basics of that sport.

 Monday was a little sad for me. Of course my little boy was totally ready. When I was getting ready to leave I had to look for him to say bye. He was already out on the field kicking the soccer ball around. Come Tuesday he asked if he could just tell me bye in the parking lot and give me a hug & a kiss there. Really??? He is only 4(well, if you ask him he is 4 1/2). I had no idea it would start so early. The rest of the week went great. He did let me walk him in and kiss him & was excited to see me...even in front of his new friends. The sports camp was held in a big in door sports arena and they learned basic skills for soccer, golf, hockey, basketball, baseball, & tennis. Then it was filled in with other fun sports activities like running, tug of war, and tons more.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Helping a Friend

Everyone goes through difficult times in life. I have had several friends go through unimaginable things, but I don't know if I was there for them the way I could have been. However, I also think it is hard to know what a friend in a major life crisis would want. Unless of course you have been through a hard time in your life yourself. Hopefully this list will give you some ideas to help your friend. Not all of these will apply so take what you can from this list. I would love to know how you help your friends when things seem impossible.

Just show up at her house(well, I guess call to see if she is there first). She probably isn't going to ask you to come over. And if you ask her if she wants you to come over she probably won't come right out and say yes then either. She doesn't want to seem like she is bothering you and she knows you are busy with your own family too.

Call her. It is ok to ask about the situation as much as you want to hear about it. She doesn't want to feel like she is always talking about it. But if you ask and really want to know she will probably share with you.

Meals are good. Especially child friendly lunches and dinners. There are probably days even thinking about making a meal seems impossible for her.

Talk to her about other things too. She still wants to know what you are up to or what is going on in your life. Even if you feel like what you are dealing with at the time is so small compared to what is going on in her life. She still wants to be your friend and wants to talk to you.

When your friend opens up and shares what is going on in her life be sure you don't share with other people. She definitely doesn't want to seem like the latest gossip topic. And has probably chosen to confide in you because she trust you.

Call her! But also call and pray for her out loud over the phone. Hearing your prayers lifted up by you for her family and situation can be a big encouragement. Text or email her encouraging scripture or quotes. And  funny ones are good too.

Don't ever feel like you are bothering her with calls & text. The moment God puts her on your mind call or text. She is probably having a melt down right at that moment. And chances are time doesn't matter either. During major life struggles sleep seems to be something you don't get much of.

She knows  you don't have all the answers, but she might really want your opinion too.

And never underestimate the power of a sweet card in the mail or a quick text or email just to say you are thinking about them. Because it is possible she feels all alone in her situation.

What do you do for your friends during a difficult time?  What has helped you when life was hard?