Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Intentional-that is the word I have chosen to define my 2011. How does intentional look for me?

I have often said that I am a check it off the list kind of girl. My quiet time, house work for each day is written on a list, activities I will do with Jake, places we need to go, things we need to buy, and even dates with Jason. However, sometimes I get so wrapped up with what is on my to do list. Sometimes I just want to fly through each thing to mark it off and get the next thing that needs to be done. Only after each item is checked off will I be able to enjoy intentional time with what really matters.

But here is the truth...A LOT of times not everything on that to do list gets checked off. This means a lot of days go by that I am just checking things off and never taking things in. Absorbing the here and now.

So here is how intentional in 2011 looks for me

Still a to do list, but with intentional things. Not time limit, no hurrying to the next thing just to get it off my list. Taking time to make it all meaningful!

Intentional with my quiet time. I have already confessed this, but a lot of times I just hurry and read say a quick prayer and check it off the list. I want to sit in quiet, to read God's word and actually take it in. To know how he is directing me to apply what I just read to my life. Not read it and forget it for the day. After all it is checked off my list. I am planning to spend time intentionally reading and praying and seeking God's word. Jake is usually ready to go down stairs by 6:45. Around 6am he is in our room. So it is difficult for me to get up before Jake to have a quiet time. We have gotten into a routine and once I get Jake his breakfast he will watch about little bit of tv, knowing that mommy is reading her Bible and not to interrupt. I am also going to start giving Jake a few devotional papers he can work on while I am having my quiet time. So he can get into the habit of having a quiet time of his own. Of course he can't read, but he can look at pictures and color.

Intentionally pursuing my husband and our marriage. Not to let the time just casually pass us by. Most nights when Jason gets home(which is late), I am ready for bed. We end up having some conversation and then turning to the tv until I declare I can't keep my eyes open any longer and off to bed I go. Jason usually not to follow for an hour or more. But then after a few days of this I think we really need to work on this. One day it will just be us and I don't want to sit around watching tv. I want to be intentional about making Jason a priority. I want to intentionally plan dates and getaways just for us. Our dates usually come up because Jake is with his grandparents and we figure we might as well go to dinner. But this year I am determined to intentionally plan time for each other. And not just time going out, but when he gets home to turn off the tv and computer. To sit and enjoy each others company.

Being intentional in the time I spend with Jake. Some weeks are days are filled with go go go and I feel like I never really spent time with Jake. Yes, we were together all day, but really is running here and there intentional quality time? We spend a few hours a day doing schoolish activities. (He is only 3...I hesitate to call it school). We read, and play games, and do craft projects. But usually all of these things are planned into our day and once they are done...Oh one more thing to check off my list and I am off to clean. I do feel like it is good for Jake to spend some time playing on his own, but I don't want our time together to be so scheduled and checked off a list. I want to leisurely sit in the play room with him and play being intentionally paying attention to what he wants.

That is how intentional looks in those areas. I have so much more to share, but this post is getting way too long.

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