Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Boy

Today my precious Jake turns 3!!!

When you turned 2 it seemed so official you were no longer a baby. Over this past year this has become more and more evident. You are officially a big boy.

We said goodbye to your paci and welcomed big boy underwear. Everything we do that refers to a baby had to be changed to 'big boy." At night when we rock I have always sang a made up song that you have called "the baby song." Over the last year you made me change the word baby to big boy and now just call the song "big boy." You won't let me hold you like a baby, but thankfully you still asked to be rocked for a few minutes every night before you get in your bed. Even if officially you are a big boy. 

And over the last few weeks your personality has really been changing. You talk to almost anyone. Just a few short weeks ago you would hardly talk to people we were around somewhat regularly. And now here you are talking to strangers. Even others we are around have noticed you coming out of your shell. You really are a big boy.

When we have conversations (you really are great at carrying on conversations) most things that you say begin with "when I get bigger," or "when I am older." Oh big boy how your mommy wishes you would just stay small. But you really want to be big and ride motorcycles, "with a helmet" you always add that part in. And you want to work like Daddy. And reach the pedals so you can drive a car. Or be bigger so you can work like the men doing construction and drink gatorade like they do on their breaks(no idea where you got the idea that all people who work outside drink gatorade). You want to be bigger so you can play soccer like Austin & Tyler, and play golf with real golf clubs. You are going to throw a big football like they do on tv. And you even want to be bigger so you can go to school. It is so fun to hear about all the things you wish to do when you get older.

Every year you change mine & daddy's lives a little more and we become more in love with our big boy. I kind of think that is the way God intended it to be. Because some times you don't want to listen and you really are very opinionated so God knew that we would need more love for you as you became more independent. Although, we can struggle with this it is something we love about you.

You still say "my" instead of "I." And it will be such a sad day when you stop. And even though it may take a few more minutes I really love to hear you say "my will do it." At 3 years old you want to do everything on your own. But you love for daddy & me to play with you too. And almost every morning you greet daddy when you comes down the stairs with "do you want to play in my play room."

My sweet big boy Jacob Ryan we love you forever and ever. And even though you are a big boy in your eyes every time I look at you I see my sweet precious baby boy.

Happy Birthday Big Boy!!

I wish and pray so many things for you. But most of all I pray you become a boy & man of God. Who strives to serve Him and do good for others according to His word. That you will love God first and love others too just as God has commanded us to do.

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