Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daily Moments (1/23-1/29)

The last week of January here is a peek into our week with our Project Life Tuesday link up with The Mom Creative.

Sunday-I didn't take a picture today

Monday-January 24th- Warm winter days are so much fun to play in. Jake loves blowing bubbles and I like how this picture catches him in the act.

Tuesday-January 25th- I guess Jake got a hold of our camera. It was so funny to upload my pictures and see this. There were several that he had taken. Of course all with his finger in the picture too.

Wednesday-January 26th- Snuggles with Daddy in the morning are the best. Jason usually doesn't get home until after Jake is in bed so the mornings before he goes to work are always precious time.

Thursday-January 27th-"Snowball" Toss. We balled up several of Jason's pairs of socks into balls to resemble big snowballs. (Got the idea from here.) And Jake would grab a "snowball" and run it back to the other basket when I said stop or go. He loved it and soon was coming up with his own games with the sock balls.

Friday-January 28th- (bad picture...taken with cell phone) Some mornings when I go into get Jake I find him in his chair reading books. So sweet to secretly listen to him read what he remembers from the books.

Saturday-January 29th-(another not so great cell phone picture...I look so shiny) Jason & I date night and out celebrating my mom's birthday. So great to have wonderful Grandparents to watch Jake while we go out.

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  1. Love that you're using the pictures you've got whether they're "perfect" or not! They're real life and they're what you've got! Great one with your son's finger in the picture!