Thursday, April 16, 2009

Carbatarian...with a little fruit

You are probably asking yourself...what on earth the title is? It is actually a made up word for Jake's new eating phase. I am at such a loss for what to feed him these days and I know that over the course of time(according to the doctor) he gets most of the nutrients he needs, but that still doesn't help me with meals to feed him. He loves carbs and sweets(which he doesn't get very often). He will eat most fruit without any fuss, but lately it has been all carbs. He eats only the bread from the sandwich, only the past, rice, or potato item on his plate. I don't want to be a short order cook so I give him his lunch or dinner and whatever he doesn't eat I usually throw away, but I don't make him anything else even if it seems he only took 1 bite. I know that a child will not starve. I am not worry about the amount he is eating only the content of what he is eating. I know he is only 17 months old, but carb overload spells out weight and diabetes to me...among many other health issues at a much older age. I know I have a while to worry about this, but I want to set him on the right path for eating so he can eat healthy his entire life. I felt I was starting him on such a great path of only breast milk, then we went onto only organic home made baby food. He did so well when he first started eating table food...he would eat anything I put in front of totally different story.

I have a friend who suggested I feed him a meal and if he doesn't eat it I give it to him again at the next meal and continue doing this until he finally eats the food. Is he too young for this? She said she did it with her daughter before she was 2(so close to the same age as Jake) and she finally ate it. I am sure it is a little worry and eventually he will be eating me out of house and home. Which he would do now if I would just feed him what he wanted. "caka, nak" in Jake's words, cracker and snack.

Oh the great question of where to draw the line. And how to say no to that sweet boy who stands at the pantry door saying and signing "peesh." Occasionally followed by "mmm yummy" or "caka." If you have any great recipes you want to share please leave them in the comments.

Just wanted to share the latest from the world of "Jaaak" as he would say.

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