Monday, July 19, 2010

Feed Him Well

I didn't get a post done for last weeks Completing Him Challenge. Jason & I had lots of conversations about last weeks challenge (priorities). But I never got around to posting about it. So we will skip right along to this weeks challenge which is: Make your husband a priority. Ask him what his favorite dinner, dessert drink are. Be sure to serve him all 3 one night this week. Bonus: make his favorite foods all week.

This weeks challenge is going to have to carry over to next for us. I won't be able to cook Jason's favorite meals all week so I will be doing this all next week too.

I will be making meatloaf, steamed squash, & rice for dinner tonight. One of his favorites.

And I have made pumpkin muffins for breakfast tomorrow. Jason likes most anything pumpkin and thanks to his mom has a huge appreciation for real from the pumpkin not canned pumpkin. During the fall we have started cooking and pureeing pumpkin to keep in the refrigerator all year long. I love being able to pull out a container and make a pumpkin pie in the middle of the Spring or a pumpkin cheesecake during the summer and not have to use canned pumpkin.

Jason's most favorite meal is grilled steak. I have no clue how to use the grill and really no desire to either. Jason is a master at the grill and makes the best stuff. I am sure one day this weekend he will enjoy a grilled grilled chicken and he will cook it. But truth is he enjoys grilling and would probably be annoyed if I tried to grill for him. I will make his favorite side dishes to go along with his grilled steak.

And then through next week will include the things that I can make that are his favorites for him to enjoy.

Oh and his favorite drink is sweet tea...the sweeter the better. And honestly this is probably pretty high on his list of priorities for me to have a gallon of sweet tea in the refrigerator all the time!!

I love cooking for my family and trying new recipes so it will be so much fun going through the recipes this week and talking to Jason about what he wants to eat each night.

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  1. We always have sweet tea in the fridge too! I don't drink it, but hubby lives on that stuff. And I feel the same way about the grill - that is not my world. I don't touch it, and I know hubby would be bothered if I tried to mess with it :)