Monday, April 27, 2009

Inaugural Artic some trampoline

The 1st day the pool is open at Nana & Pawpaw's usually a big day for the grown men, Heather, & the older boys. Even though the water is a nice freezing degrees they all put on bathing suits and jump in. Of course Austin & Tyler could care less about the temperature they were all about swimming. I wasn't about to get in the water and didn't bring Jake's swim trunks because there was no way we were getting in the freezing water. We could have our 1st swim in a couple of weeks when the water had time to warm up. Pawpaw 1st put Jake's feet in and he was fine...then they moved to the top step(notice all the clothes). Jake didn't care one bit about the freezing water and soon was totally in the water. He had the best time splashing and licking the water off his hands too. It didn't even phase him when he went in face first(several times) after a couple of eye blinks he was back to splashing and having the best time. This year should be a fun pool year. I don't see too much of him just hanging out in the float like he did last year. After everyone thawed out and dried off the boys were off to jump on the trampoline. Or really Austin & Tyler jumped while Caleb and Jake were thrown about the trampoline and laughing the whole time. Of course after a day full of outside play we had to finishe up the day with some naked baby bath time. Don't you just think little baby bottoms are so cute!!!

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Touch a Truck

Each year Paulding Parks and Rec put on a "touch a truck" event. They fill the parking lot of a local park with fire trucks, ambulance, police cars, tractors, electric trucks and just about every other type of truckish vehicle. It is a little boys dream come true. They get to sit in the seats of trucks and honk horns and just be in the middle of truck mania. Jake loved walking around and sitting in the trucks to drive saying "roun, roun, roun." He has a riding toy at home and when you turn the steering wheel it sings the wheels on the bus go round and round so Jake thinks everything with a steering wheel says "roun, roun." Jake might have been a little young for the whole experience. But he wasn't afraid of all the loud horns and sirens and if nothing else really liked just walking around. He can see his little red face from it being in the upper 80's, but he didn't care. Caleb was a little more into it and just kept saying "big truck" and "tractor." I only took a few pictures at this event so they will just be posted on the page.

Imagine It...Children's Museum

Heather and I took the boys down town to the Children's museum. It is the coolest place ever. Jake is free until he is 2, but once we have to pay for him we are getting a year's membership...because it is so awesome. There were so many different things to do and of course everything is to touch and play with. Caleb and Jake had just as much fun as Heather & I did getting them to do each thing. They have an area where you learn about food "From the farm to the home." Caleb loved the tractor and of course Jake loved the grocery shopping part and finding his favorites bread, peanut butter, and of course a day wouldn't be complete with out his favorite "dip it" ketcup. Then we were off to the lake to fish and splash around in the water. We enjoyed playing in moon sand and paiting on the wall. Of course the balls were fun too. There was really so much to do that we couldn't do it all in the time we were there. The museum is ideal for children under 8(says the website) but my guess would be around 5 or so you might not be too into the stuff any more. But for only $11 to get in you can't beat the day full of fun.

We finished up the day with lunch at the CNN center food court and a walk through Centennial Olympic park. We will be going back to play at the park real soon. Both boys were tired by the time we got to the playground in the park.
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Busy, Busy

This week has been super busy. I have been writing post in my head thinking that as soon as I had a minute I would write. Because we were doing so much...but time has gotten away from me and now almost a 100 pictures later(yes, that was just from Tuesday-Sunday) I don't have time to write lots of fun details about all the things we did, but I will share lots of picutres. To make the picture sharing easier I am going to do a post about each thing and then put a slide show about it because there are so many pictures. Blogger only lets you up load 5 pictures at a time and if I do it that way I will be here FOREVER!! Jason is cooking dinner and I only have until 7:30 before it is ready(it is 7:10 now). So no more time wasting here are all of our pictures posted as seperate blogs!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Video of Jake enjoying his ribs


Here are some pictures of Jake enjoying ribs and watermelon. We went to my Mom's Sunday after church for dinner. Jake really enjoyed his rib, potato salad and some watermelon. What can I say today he became a meat and potato boy. (although last week he wouldn't eat any meat). And a couple with Austin & Tyler licking the brownie bowl.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Carbatarian...with a little fruit

You are probably asking yourself...what on earth the title is? It is actually a made up word for Jake's new eating phase. I am at such a loss for what to feed him these days and I know that over the course of time(according to the doctor) he gets most of the nutrients he needs, but that still doesn't help me with meals to feed him. He loves carbs and sweets(which he doesn't get very often). He will eat most fruit without any fuss, but lately it has been all carbs. He eats only the bread from the sandwich, only the past, rice, or potato item on his plate. I don't want to be a short order cook so I give him his lunch or dinner and whatever he doesn't eat I usually throw away, but I don't make him anything else even if it seems he only took 1 bite. I know that a child will not starve. I am not worry about the amount he is eating only the content of what he is eating. I know he is only 17 months old, but carb overload spells out weight and diabetes to me...among many other health issues at a much older age. I know I have a while to worry about this, but I want to set him on the right path for eating so he can eat healthy his entire life. I felt I was starting him on such a great path of only breast milk, then we went onto only organic home made baby food. He did so well when he first started eating table food...he would eat anything I put in front of totally different story.

I have a friend who suggested I feed him a meal and if he doesn't eat it I give it to him again at the next meal and continue doing this until he finally eats the food. Is he too young for this? She said she did it with her daughter before she was 2(so close to the same age as Jake) and she finally ate it. I am sure it is a little worry and eventually he will be eating me out of house and home. Which he would do now if I would just feed him what he wanted. "caka, nak" in Jake's words, cracker and snack.

Oh the great question of where to draw the line. And how to say no to that sweet boy who stands at the pantry door saying and signing "peesh." Occasionally followed by "mmm yummy" or "caka." If you have any great recipes you want to share please leave them in the comments.

Just wanted to share the latest from the world of "Jaaak" as he would say.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

What does Tiger Say??

Most of you know that Jason really enjoys golf and not just to play either, he likes to watch it on tv. So after our family left he turned on the Masters. Jake enjoys partially watching golf with him. Soon after Jake started talking a lot Jason started asking Jake "What does Tiger Say?" And then Jason would make this sound like when they hit the golf ball and Jake started copying it. (if you have never watched golf you need to turn it on just once to hear the noise) It is pretty cute. He even swings his arm like a golf club (don't judge he is only 17 months...he doesn't have the best swing). I thought you all would enjoy a little Jake especially Opa and Grandpa. Be sure your volume is up so you can hear the sound he makes. With a little practice we just might have the next Zach Johnson on our hands. (by the way...I didn't have to look up his name I just knew he won the Masters two years ago...I know a little golf too).

Easter Pictures

Jake, Austin, Caleb, & Tyler Sometimes you can't get them all looking good

The three of usI am ready to get eggs...I just thought it was funny he was running with his basket
All ready for church...he thought it was funny he didn't have socks on...this was a 1st

Side walk chalk

Look Daddy new cups..."op" open

Throwing the soccer ball

Seeing the basket for the 1st time...I hate this is the back and you can't see what was inside
Just woke up

He is Risen...Happy Easter!!

WOW!! What a busy day we have had, but a great Easter it has been. We started the day with Jake's Easter basket. He loved it and of course was most excited about the 4 balls, soccer, football, baseball, & basketball. But surprisingly he was excited about his new sippy cups too. Which were really just because I thought they were cute and needed an excuse to buy him even more cups. He also had some sidewalk chalk, little people stuff & a new shirt that says "always hungry." And how true that shirt is. After playing in the basket for a few minutes it was off to get ready for church. We went to our usual 9am church service and then headed home to finish getting ready for our annual brunch(which is held at our house). Thankfully I did most of the preparations the night before I just had a few more things to make. We enjoyed a HUGE feast of delicious food with our family! And then the little boys had an easter egg hunt followed by the older boys. The eggs had different things in them so we did them seperate. Of course Jake didn't really know what he was doing in the egg hunt...Jason was taking him around to get the eggs. Every egg Caleb found he had to open it and eat the candy(fruit snacks) out of the egg before he would put it in his basket. Jake ate his fair share too, but most of his eggs made it in the basket with out being opened. Then we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon relaxing and playing in the back yard...we had beautiful weather!! Now Jake is taking a late afternoon nap and so is Daddy. I couldn't wait to share the pictures of our great day with all of you!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Video of dying eggs

Coloring Easter Eggs

Although, Jake sat with us and played with eggs last year he didn't really have a part in the Egg dying process. This year was totally different and he LOVED it!!! Jason was great and helped Jake dye as many as he wanted. Jake would be the egg in the cup and then want to take it right time to change the color. The only way to get him to leave the egg in the cup was to give him another egg and put it in a different color. Of course it wouldn't have been much fun without the mess. Or the dyed hands. He had one green and one blue...thankfully the color washed off in the bath that night. Here are some pictures of this year and one from last year just to compare. I can't believe how big he is!!!