Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I finally figured it out. After trying two other photo sites I found one that will work!!! YEAH!!! Now you can just view the slideshow instead of there being a bunch of individual pictures. Still not totally loving the smile box, but it works and that is all I am asking. So I hope you enjoy the look at our weekend get away. You will have to scroll down to start with day 1!!! YEAH...it works!!

Hope you all are having a great week!

Savannah-Day 3

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Sunday was time to head home. We were all so sad to see the weekend over with and to have to get back to our normal lives. Well I guess for us it was for Jason to go back to work. It was so wonderful to have 3 uninterrupted days with him. But we are also very thankful that he has a job to get back to and I really appreciate all the hard work he puts in so that I can stay home and be with Jake.

We took one more short trip down to River Street before leaving and of course had to make a stop at Savannah Candy Kitchen for some to go candy as well as buy a couple of t-shirts. And then we loaded up in the car and headed home.

On the way home we did make a stop at Bass Pro Shop. It was HUGE!!! And had a big fish tank that Jake really enjoyed looking at all the fish. He also loved being able to get out of the car after about 2 hours and just walk all over this gigantic store. We did buy him a little hat from there. Mostly because I have been looking for a baseball hat for him and finally found one that fit. Jason isn’t a hunter or fisher and that was all the store was really for. But we still enjoyed walking around and looking at the stuff. We did pick out a boat that one day we would love to get.

Then we were back into the car to finish our trip home. The boys were great the entire car ride home. I am sure it helped that they were tired from the weekend so they slept a lot more on the way home then on the way down.

Jake was glad to be home and in his own bed(so were we) Sunday night. He even slept until 8:30 Monday morning.

But in all we had a GREAT weekend and we can’t wait to take another trip down to Savannah. Hopefully next time with a stop in Paula Dean’s restaurant.

Trying to get it

I am still trying to figure out how to post a slide show...I Thought I had it, but the slide show won't load on the page. There are too many pictures to put them individually so I will keep trying and hopefully get the posted later today. Sorry...I know the pictures are the fun part. I will get it today!!!

Savannah Day 2

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On to day 2! We got up Saturday morning and Heather and I took the boys down stairs to eat breakfast. Our hotel had a great breakfast they offered lots of yummy stuff and even had a waffle maker. After breakfast we headed back up stairs and all got ready to walk down River Street once again. They just had so many shops to visit and fun things to check out that this is where we spent all of our time that wasn’t with the wedding.

Jake was able to get out of the stroller and walk around on River Street today. He loved just walking all over the place. We checked out this boat that was ported there and had real people living on it. They had a bunch of people down on the street making things like baskets, flowers, & a saxophone player who Caleb loved and danced to forever. We also went into the most amazing smelling candy shop Savannah candy kitchen where they made their own taffy and candy all right there in the store. We watched them make the taffy and got to try some freshly made…that was so yummy! I decided that when I go to heaven it will smell like Savannah Candy Kitchen…YUM!!!

Of course while in Savannah you have to eat some seafood. So we did lunch at this great place called Riverstreet Seafood. It was so yummy!!! Jake slept through the entire lunch so he had to eat his when he finally woke up back at the hotel. We got back to the hotel and all got ready for the wedding.

And again took our walk down the street to the hotel where the wedding was being held. We were worried about how the boys would be during the wedding, but the actual ceremony was a total of maybe 10 minutes from the time the wedding party walked in until the time the wedding party was leaving. It was the shortest wedding I have ever been to. There was nothing extra just do you, do you, here are your wings, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Mr. & Mrs. Jason Lassiter. So the boys were good during the whole ceremony, with the exception of a crinkly bag that had teddy grahams in it and was keeping Jake entertained. The reception was across the street at Vic’s on the River a nice restaurant. We enjoyed some good food there and a lot of fun dancing and visiting with everyone. Caleb and Jake danced their little hearts out. Too cute.

Jake did get his first walking injury. He was walking around and stumbled, but tried to catch himself. However, he went to grab for the table which he thought was solid, but it was just the table cloth and he fell and hit his cheek on the leg of the table. He has a nice bruise from it now, but I guess that is what happens when you are a walker.

After the wedding we went upstairs to my Mom & Mike’s room to hang out before going back to our room. And to our surprise had the most amazing fireworks display every. Their room was directly overlooking the river and they were shooting fireworks off right over the river. Other then Disney world these were the best fireworks I have ever seen. Of course both the boys were asleep so they didn’t get to enjoy these amazing fireworks.

But soon after it was time to head back to our hotel and get some sleep. After a long day we were all pretty tired!

Savannah Day 1-Friday

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Well...we are back from our wonderful weekend trip to Savannah. And we had a great time as a family!! Because there is so much to post and lots of pictures I am going to do a day by day recap so the pictures with that day can go with that post. There will be a few more pictures added to day 1 hopefully later tonight. Some of the pics from earlier in the day are on Heather's camera and she hasn't sent them to me yet.

The car ride down there wasn't nearly as terrible as I had anticipated it to be. Jake had never been in the car that long and I was worried how he would do. But he did great! He slept a little, ate a lot, and just kind of hung out! So that was a relief for him to do so well. There was a little fussing, but what can you expect from a 15 month old, right?

Once we got to Savannah we checked into our hotel which was right on River Street with a view over looking the street and river. After a short rest we headed down to River Street to walk around and check out the different little shops that are down there. And then it was back up to our hotel for to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. Since non of us were in the wedding we didn't have to be there for the rehearsal, but we were invited to the dinner. We all got dressed in our super cute outfits and headed down the street to the hotel where the rehearsal dinner was. OH MY GOSH...we did a TON of walking over the weekend. Once we parked the car at our hotel Friday we didn't move it until we checked out Sunday. Which was a good thing because the people in Savannah don't know how to drive at all and it was great to be able to walk every where. The boys did have to spend a lot of time in their strollers, but it was really no problem for them. Any way, back to Friday night recap. We got to the hotel where the rehearsal dinner was and had a nice dinner of bbq and fried chicken...typical southern meal. Once we got Jake his food he was fine, but he was a little antsy until then. After everyone ate we went to the lobby of the hotel and hung out up there with everyone. They had a little bar in the lobby and a great fire place where we all just sat around talking and having a good time.

Then it was back to walking to our hotel...and turning in for the night.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I think it might be official Jake is walking!!! It started a couple of weeks ago with 3 steps and then a couple days later 7. But since then it has been totally random. He refused to walk if you tried to stand him up and get him to walk to you. He would hold his feet up in the air or turn all noodelie and not be able to stand up. He really preferred to crawl much more then walk. Which was fun...all in his own time. Then he started walking a little more, but it was still on his time. He would all the sudden take off walking across the room...usually when he thought no one was paying attention to him. As soon as he would fall he was back to crawling no attempt to even get back up. He was happy and content. Over the last couple of weeks the walking has slowly increased to more frequent trots across the room still nothing worth saying he was an official walker. He still isn't totally there yet either. But today has been a little different in his walking. He is walking much farther distances, and when he falls he gets to something and pulls himself up and starts walking again. He also realized he can walk while holding something in his hand. He had mastered this crawl whenever he had something in his hand...he would crawl with one had on the floor and his other arm he would use is forearm to crawl so that whatever he was holding was up in the air. Today he finally realized that when he has a cracker or a book in his hand he can walk. He still thinks he is funny and laughs at himself most of the time when he is walking, but he looks so cute. We thought since he was taking so long to walk he would be a pro right when he started, but he is still a little unsteady and toddles around. TOO CUTE!!! Hopefully I will be able to capture some type of picture of him walking and maybe one day I will figure out how to post a video on here too. We will see about that don't hold your breath. But I do feel more comfortable about being in a hotel this weekend with Jake and I think he won't be on the floor too much!!!

One other small update...Jake did not cry this past Sunday when I dropped him off in the church nursery. He didn't really go willing, but I didn't have to peel him off of me and he didn't cry!!! :) I am sure it was just an accident and he will be back to screaming next week(sad we will miss this week), but I am really hoping that he is adjusting to Mrs. Michelle & Mr. Cliff!

With that said we will be leaving bright and early Friday morning for our mini weekend trip to Savannah for Jessica's wedding. I am really looking forward to this time away with Jason, Jake, and my family!! It will be a well deserved break for Jason(he will not be turning his cell phone on all weekend). His work thinks it is fun to call him or text him all during the day when he is off with random nonwork related stuff. I am so glad to have him just to us this weekend. We will be 265 miles away and there will be nothing he can do for his job from there. YEAH!!! I am a little nervous about the car ride, Jake has never been in a car for this long and I am worried how he will do. I am really hoping he will sleep. Usually any time he gets in the car he is asleep, but we usually are only driving a few minutes away...at the most 30 minutes away. I am also a little nervous about how cranky Jake might get. We have gotten on this great routine at home which ends with bed time at 7pm and it has really helped his sleep. I know we won't be able to keep this schedule while we are gone, but I just hope it doesn't mess him up too badly. I know it will probably take a few days of being home to get back into that routine, but none the less it will all be worth it. I am excited for a little mini get-a-way as a family!!! With hopes for a week long beach vacation this summer...this is our primer!

I am sure I will have a million pictures to post when we get back along with some great fun to share. I am hoping that before I post pictures again I can figure out this slide show thing so that there aren't a million pictures all in a row on the page. Keeping my fingers crossed for that!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A day for LOVE!!!

Nothing better then a reason to share the love we have with our family and friends...but do you really need a reason? I know that around here love is freely given all the time and I LOVE that!! No need to ask for the I love you's, but to just be able to see it in the daily actions of life both from Jason & Jake! Even though Jake can't say "I love you" he does so many small things that just makes me feel his love all day and of course makes my heart grow a little bigger just for him. But even with Jason being able to say "I love you" sometimes it is in the actions that speak even louder then the words or when the words just can't come, but you feel it in the actions of daily life. Our house is full of speaking love and showing it to each other. I hope you all will find the time and make the ways to show your love to everyone around you!!!

With that being said...we had a great Valentine's Day here. Of course we started the day with pink heart shaped pancakes, followed by a heart shaped grill cheese lunch, lots of laughs and fun, and of course the 2nd annual "red" bubble bath for Jake which really looks way more pink, but oh well. Jason & I then ended the night with a wonderful romantic dinner here at home while our sweet little boy peacefully slept in his bed surrounded by our love.

Here are some pictures of Jake from the day!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Website gone

Well, it is official I canceled the website today. I feel kind of sad about it. Wondering if this blog will be able to fill the same need as the website. I really hope so. I know the writing part will. I used the website as a journal of Jake's life so I have everything right there on paper. I know that through the blog I will be able to continue that process. And I will still be able to share pictures...I just hope that for all of you who visit it will be the same for you as well. I can only hope that you all will continue to visit often and leave lots of comments...that of course will be put in Jake's scrapbook.

On another note. My mom's Bible study group that I meet with on Thursdays started back last week. I am so grateful to be back in God's word with a point to the study. I am great at doing my daily Bible devotions, but not so great at just reading the Bible. So when I am not in a study I do my short devotions and am usually done for the day. This Bible study really gets me to get deeper into His word and what his plan is...especially with the idea of mothering and being a wife. Two of my favorite things. Jake has been going to the nursery (this Bible study is at a different church then the one we go to on Sundays) so of course he clings to me and screams as I hand him off to one of the great girls that are in his room. But I know he only cries for a few minutes and is fine...all the years in child care really prepared me for a screaming clingy child...I know he will be fine and it only last a minute. But today was a little different he didn't cry or grab on as strongly as usual...what a great feeling to know that he is getting adjusted. And then when I went to pick him up all the girls kept telling me how sweet he was. Of course we all know that, but to hear it from them really made me feel like he was in the right place. Although, I do worry. When I worked in child care the kids that cried a lot we usually tried to hold when we knew their parents would be coming soon so that they wouldn't be crying and every time I pick him up either on Sundays or Thursdays someone is holding him...so is he the crying kid who crys the whole time? I probably won't ever know the real truth to that. I do have a few friends who drop their kids off too in other rooms and they always tell me that Jake wasn't crying when the walked by. So for my peace of mind I pretend he thinks it makes me feel better if he acts like he doesn't want me to go. But as soon as I am out of eye site he is perfectly fine playing with all his friends. What a great time for him to be with other kids his age.

Just thought I would share. This has been a slow picture week...so nothing new to share there!! But I will for sure have new picks Valentine's day!!! Can't wait for Jake to get his annual red bubble bath and heart shaped pancakes(1st year for that...he was too little last year).

Hope you all have a great Valentine's Day...much love to you all!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Cleaning Vacation

I have come to the conculsion that it is time for a cleaning vacation. Which I am sure we would need a maid for...the house wouldn't last a day if no one was cleaning. You wonder...how did you come up with this idea...when I am a stay at home mommy/wife...wouldn't I be the maid. Well....the answer to that question is YES!!! And I really don't have a problem doing it I LOVE staying home and taking care of the home and people in it. But I have decided when your 15 month old picks up everything that could possibly resemble a cleaning rag...like, wipe, napkin, dryer sheet, sock, his favorite blankie and decides to start wiping any flat surface he finds then maybe...just maybe there might be TOO much cleaning going on in the house and it is time for a cleaning vacation!! Oh how I wish. Just a one day break would be great. To not have to load or unload the dishwasher just for that one day. But then the dishes pile up when you are eating 3 meals a day dishes are made and cleaning must be done. Not to mention that then the guilt gets to me if Jason comes home and the kitchen is dirty or some other part of the house is dirty. I feel like he is wondering..."what the heck did she do all day?" But for all you other stay at home mom's out there you know that even if know house work gets done that day it sure doesn't mean you sat around and did nothing...ahhh...a topic for another day.

I will be sure to get a picture of Jake cleaning the next time he finds something to wipe with. On another note maybe I should just start handing him wet rags and he can clean the floors while he is down there crawling around. Hmm...this could be my answer!

Until next time...hope you all have a GREAT weekend. Weather is supposed to be nice here in GA looking forward to the 60's.

We love you all!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

To clear it up

Hey...just had to clear up the last post. My step-sister Jessica is getting married Feb. 21st in Savannah. We just call her our sister so I didn't even think to put the step part in there. Didn't even think that not everyone new she was getting married. Sorry for the panic I might have caused anyone thinking they were missing out on some big news.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A few pictures

Eating yogurt...doing better with the spoon

Cracking up laughing

Blowing kisses

15 Months

15 Months and growing like a weed!!! Today Jake is 15 months old. I can’t believe how fast time goes and how big he gets every time I blink my eyes.
We will start first with the doctor update. He had his 15 month check up today(unusual for it to be directly on the day that he turns the month). Of course the doctor said he was the the cutest and smartest little boy she had ever seen and had the best personalitly…well if I was the doctor that is what I would have said. But we all know that is not how it goes. Especially with Jake’s stranger and seperation anxiety she probably couldn’t even see his adorable personality between the screaming, “nos” and pushing her away. However, I know he is the smartest and cutest baby ever. Dr. Gaines did say he looks great and of course no need to worry about the walking (if he isn’t taking steps by 18 months then she will be concerned). We talked about his other skills, like cruising (or the 3 steps he had taken the week before), talking, & understanding. He weighs 23 pounds 2 ounces which is in the 25th percentile not the biggest kid on the block, but they aren’t freaking out about his weight any more…thank goodness for that. He is 30 ¾ inches tall also the 25th percentile and his head is in the 50th percentile so right where he should be for his growth. He has gained a little over 2 pounds and grown a little over an inch. He did have to get his shots…he was crying more because the nurse was touching him then he was about the shots so it didn’t seem to bother him too much. Dr. Gaines said not to worry about his food intake. We have control over what foods he gets, but he has control over what and how much he puts in his mouth. So keep offering him veggies, but he may not eat them. That over the course of a couple weeks he gets all the nutrients he needs…no reason for concern it is totally normal at this age. And she said not to be surprised if he likes it for 3 days and then you give it to him again and he acts like he is being poisened. Great…glad to know he is right there with the rest of his age group…PICKY!!!
Onto new things: oh did you see my side note up there. He did take 3 steps on Jan. 22nd and has taken a few more here and there. He won’t walk if we tell him to, but he forgets that he is pretending not to know how and will sometimes take 5 or 6 steps to get to a toy he wants. But nothing consistent. I am really keeping my fingers crossed that he is totally walking by Feb. 21st. We leave that day for Savannah and I can’t imagine him crawling around a hotel floor…GROSS!!! Not to mention he doesn’t really like to be held so during my sister’s wedding reception it will be really hard to put him down if he isn’t walking. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Because the doctor asked at his appointment how many words he was using ( I had no idea at the appointment…genious baby remember so I said a lot). But then I got to thinking about it and he says about 15-20 words. Which is great…oh by the way sign language counts too so his signs are in there as well.
He has terrible seperation anxiety. He SCREAMS and clings to me any time I try to give him to anyone. Unless he has been around you for a little while. This makes it lots of fun on Sundays when I leave him in the nursery. They say he is doing fine, but when I drop him off he screams and I have to literally peal him off of me. Of course when I come back to get him he is fine and either rocking or playing. Being that I did work in child care for so long I know that 9 times out of 10 the child is fine before the parent even makes if out of the room. So this gives me comfort in leaving him. Hoping this phase doesn’t last too long. I suppose that is all for the latest update!!