Wednesday, September 30, 2009

23 Months

I took several pictures today this was the best I could get...saying "cheese"

One month from today we will celebrate 2 wonderful years with my sweet little boy. I can't believe he will be 2! For some reason turning 2 just seems so big compared to when he turned 1. It is almost like he was still a baby then, but now he will really be a toddler.

I don't think there is too much new from his 22 month update. Can you believe only 1 more time will I give a monthly update...of course there will still be plenty of updates on the blog, but not a monthly Jake update. I am really struggling with this turning 2 stuff...crazy I know! far as updates....he is speaking in full sentences now. He will say things like " please. mommy. I. want. more." Or "mommy. turn. light. on." The periods added to emphasize that he pauses after each word. Every time you do something he doesn't want you to do (like tonight when I was drying him off from the bath) he says "mommy. be. nice." He also tells me to "share" when we are playing, but he really just wants the toy or he is already holding the toy and doesn't want me to touch.

We started our mommy and me music class this month. It is going ok. The 1st week Jake was really shy (of course that is nothing new), and then this week he did great for the first few songs and loved shaking his instrument, but after that he just wanted to run around the room and play with other toys that were there. But it is fun for us to get out and do something for him.

I guess that is all for this month! Oh MY month will be the BIG 2 year old boy update. What a wonderful blessing these last 23 months have been! I am looking forward to so many more, but oh just a little bit of sadness for my precious tiny baby boy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fair Fun = Fall Season Kick off

I guess down here in the south football season really makes things feel like fall. But then very close comes the North Georgia State Fair. We have gone every year since moving to the good ole' south.

I love it...the rides, the people and of course yummy fair food. I put rides in there, but really I can't ride fair rides any more. No one tells you that after having a baby you might have things you didn't have serious motion sickness. And almost every ride at the fair goes in a circle and makes me feel totally ugh...yuck!!! I did get to ride one ride that just drops you straight down super fun and scary.

Jake had a great time. He rode the carousel which he hated at first. PawPaw was a great sport and rode with him since it makes me sick & Jason had just gotten off a ride. I was the mean mom who made him stay on even when he was screaming as soon as his PawPaw tried to sit him on the horse. But a few minutes into the ride he stopped crying and started to enjoy going around. Then he asked to ride the cars. He was doing fine getting in the car, but then the fair worker started touching him to buckle him in and that was the end of that ride. This time I was nice and he got off before the ride started. He too loved the food, of course, he loves all junk food. And seem to really enjoy walking around checking out the people and lights.

We had a great time together as a family spending a nice cool night outside. Fall temperatures have arrived just in time. It is SO nice outside. I love summer and the really hot weather, but toward the middle of August I start really wanting fall to come. I am sure since I turned the air off today the temps will be back in the 90's next week.
Here are a few pictures of our fun night!!!

Finally enjoying the ride when it is almost over
Sharing a yummy funnel cake with PawPaw
I put this pick up because it is super cute, but also if you look at his right hand he has his fingers crossed...this is a new thing he does & he doesn't even realize he is doing it...if you ask him to do it he can't. He also can't do it with his left hand. Too cute!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Water Logged

Here in Georgia it has been raining since Tuesday-almost a straight week of rain and storms. I am really not a fan of rain ever, but this many days makes me really tired of the rain. They actually canceled schools today due to flooding. Several roads are closed because they are giant lakes and some people are even with out power. Thankfully our actual neighborhood isn't flooded and our house is fine. But there are still so many who could use your prayers. There really isn't any sign of the rain letting up until probably Wednesday. The other day after being rained in for a day or two I decided to let Jake play in the rain. Really I had just gotten these rain boots from my sister that I wanted pictures of Jake wearing. The rain boots were too big and he couldn't walk so he wore his crocs for a little while and then went bare foot. He loved every minute and while we were out playing in the rain we saw a rainbow. A nice little reminder that although it has been raining for what seems like forever...God will never send a flood like he did in Genesis. And eventually this rain will pass....but oh how far away that seems. Here are a few pictures from our afternoon in the rain.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A little Jake Talk

For whatever reason Jake has made up crazy names for Heather & Caleb and I really wanted to get them on video before he starts calling them by their real names. No matter what we do when we say "Heather" Jake will say "woawoa" and when we say "Caleb" Jake says "tiboo." We have no idea where he came up with their names, but I think it is too cute. Even funnier is when you ask Caleb "what does Jake call you" he says "tiboo and mommy woawoa." Enjoy a little Jake chatter.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Morning Soccer

Took the morning and enjoyed some hot weather out on the soccer field. My oldest nephew had his 1st soccer game so all of us went out to cheer him on. He did great and was so excited that we were all there cheering for him. Here are a few pics from his game today (mostly for our family readers). He is #5!!
Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!!

After being a starter he had to come sit out for the others to play
A good job hug from his cousin (the sun was right behind me so Jake wouldn't look)
Jake, Tyler, & Caleb watching the game
Jake thinking he is playing soccer too
Team huddle...then they said go White team ( I guess they don't really have names)
Some game action shots

Because Austin wears a white & black shirt Tyler had to wear this to match
Right before the game started out on the field

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baking...a mothering dream

I always knew I wanted to be a mom. And with that knowing came the dreams of wonderful children and the fun things we would do together all day every day. You know the usual, picnics on nice days in the back yard or at a park, playing in the rain, having indoor picnics, baking together, reading, cuddling and making up stories, and oh the list could go on and on of the things I imagine myself doing with my sweet little boy. And some of those have come true some I am waiting to come true, but over the last month my dream of being in the kitchen cooking with my little man has been lived.

It is just too much fun standing Jake on a chair or sitting him on the counter to help me pour ingredients and stir. Of course their is always the yummy part of licking the beaters or spoon (don't worry only with egg free stuff). Jake loves it too...he gets so excited when I pull the chair out for him and is so eager to help. This dream of mine has actually played out exactly how I envisioned it years ago before we even had our little boy to fulfill them. Although, I don't think I ever let myself get to the cleaning part in my dreams...that is just the reality. One cooking day I even got to play super Aunt when I was watching my nephew (he is only 4 months older then Jake) and he & Jake helped make the chocolate oatmeal cookies. So far we have made banana bread and these oatmeal chocolate cookies, but I guarantee there is a lot more cooking in our kitchen to come. And one day Jake will have a cute little apron to wear, but for now he just gets food on his clothes and I am ok with that too. I would love for you to share your fun and kid friendly recipes in the comments. Let me know what you cook with your kids so we can try it in our kitchen.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

22 Months...a few days late

Only 2 more months until Jake will hit the big 2! I can't even believe it. He is already acting more grown up some days. And WOW the words he can say and the understanding he has just blows my mind. Over the last month I have started letting Jake help in the kitchen and he loves it. I let him stir or pour ingredients and of course lick the spoons (if it is something yummy). He gets the biggest smile on his face when I pull a chair up to the counter and let him help me cook.

Of course he is still loves to play with balls. His favorite for the day is the "foofball" He now will say 2,3 hut (not sure why he just never says 1). He will show you one finger, but won't say 1 when counting. He also says "catch" and throws the ball to you, but thinks he has to be standing really close to throw the ball and the boy has a super strong arm so standing close isn't such a good idea. When he is hitting his golf clubs or watching Daddy play Tiger Woods golf he will say "ready, ready go" right before each swing. He repeats just about everything we say and can give pretty clear direction about what he wants. And I love that when he is handing something to you he will say "here."

The sweetest parts of our day are before meals and bedtime when my precious boy folds his little hands into praying hands and follows up the prayer with "amen." I love it!!!

Summer is slowing down and we are headed into a busy fall, but we love spending our days together. Jake is just the most wonderful little boy and we are so blessed to have him. I still can't believe only two more months until he is 2 years old. He is so much fun to be with and I love interacting with him, but I still really miss his tiny baby days! Oh how fast time goes...hoping I can some how slow these next 2 months to a snails pace.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The rest of the beach pics

Here are the pics that our friend took with her awesome camera. I love some of them so much! I don't know if you can print pics from here, but let me know if there are any you want I can email them to you.

Baytowne Warf

While we were on our beach vacation we stayed in SanDestin Resort which has this really cute village called Baytowne Warf. We spent almost every night there just walking around and listening to the live music they had, playing giant checkers games, and letting Jake play on their kids playground or in fountains. I am sure you are ready for new post that aren't about our beach trip, but enjoy these pictures anyway and then in the next few days I should have other postings including Jake's 22 month update from August. 30th.
Getting the fish food
Watching the fish come up and eat
Looking out at the pretty trees
Walking with Daddy
Playing in the fountain