Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

New Year is so much fun. For the last couple of years we have all gathered at my parent's house for a fun night in. Usually with game playing, conversation, and delicious snack food. It is great to be able to hang out with Jake and all our family and some friends. It is great to not have to worry about getting out and driving with the New Year's Eve drivers.

This year we added a new tradition of a time capsule. I gave everyone the heads up earlier in the week so they could be thinking of what they were going to put in the capsule. It was so fun to see what everyone brought and hear their stories of what each thing was for. It was great to be able to review each person's year through the small things they brought to add to the bucket.

Do you do a time capsule? Do you do one every year? Do you bury it or just have it put up somewhere? Do you look in it every year or set a date for when you will go back and look through it. I would really love to hear your thoughts on this. It was a discussed a lot while we were stuffing our capsule and we aren't for sure what we want to do yet?

 Jake putting in his bitten off paci-he was so excited to put it in
 Not the best picture...putting in my race number from my 1st 5k
 Caleb putting in his John Deere ornament...since he is all about John Deere this year
 Amber putting in pictures of her twin boys
 My step-dad putting in his old business card
 Heather put in her 5k race number too
Jory put in his navy ball coin from this past year
 Mom-putting a picture from her staycation this year. 

We each put in a couple things from the past year. I know that everyone will be thinking of what they are going to put in next years time capsule!

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