Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jake's 2nd Birthday

I made it through a weekend of celebration! Yes, there were a few(or a lot) tears. But the joy of celebrating 2 years with my sweet boy was definitely the high light of it all. We celebrated on Friday (Jake's actual birthday) with just the 3 of us! Such a nice way to enjoy each other. I made cheesecake filled pumpkin cupcakes for Jake to blow out a candle on and we also took him to get a free slice of cookie cake at Great American Cookie. The fun of spending the day together as our little family of 3 was the icing on the to speak!!!

Daddy wouldn't let him touch the candle...pouty face

Sunday, we then celebrated with our family & friends with a bubble themed party. You have to know that I love to plan parties and literally I have party themes for Jake picked out for the next 8 or so years. But it was lots of fun to see the kids play with all the bubbles and just seeing all of our friends and family together celebrating our little boy. Of course the cake is from spoonful of frosting and as always she did an amazing job.

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