Monday, August 16, 2010

Completing Him

Today is it the final day of the Completing Him summer challenge.  I really am sad to see this challenge come to an end. Of course I know I complete Jason (I am his wife!!!), but it has been so great to have a challenge every week to focus on. Something to put him in the front of my mind all through out the week.

From fun things like remembering our dating days & then keeping our vows sacred. To things that involved daily taking the time to focus on Jason like praying for him daily and specifically asking  him how I can pray for him. Things like admiring him, keeping priorities in line, letting him lead & showing him nothing but respect. Then the big finally kissing him like I mean it. There has been so much good that has come from this challenge.

I think the biggest change for me was taking the time to be sure I was making Jason #2(after God of course). Being a mom it is so easy for Jake's needs/wants to become 1st above Jason. It is so easy to be too tired in the mornings to remember to ask Jason how I can pray for him that day & again  be too tired at the end of the day to admire & respect him for all his hard work.

We have had a wonderful summer making our marriage a priority. We started the summer with our anniversary trip to Savannah just the 2 of us. Our 1st overnight trip away from Jake ever. But it was so good to just be us. It was a great way to focus on our marriage. This challenge then built on our commitment to make time for each other.

I think no matter what is happening in our marriage (or any marriage) the number one thing to remember is communication!!! It seems so simple, but sometimes is the thing that gets pushed to the side. Good solid communication....much more then "how was your day?" conversations. This challenge was a great way to be reminded about communicating about everything. The keeping priorities in line and letting him lead where some of the best weeks for us. We really talked about a lot of things and have made some great changes from those weeks!!

One of the biggest eye opening things for us was seeing God work. During the Let Him Lead week God really showed us how to do that. That exact same week in our nightly devotion reading(Night Light by James Dobson) was about the husband being the leader in the home.(apparently we really needed this) And seriously on Tuesday Jason was offered a new position at his job that would have taken a move(almost 2 hours away) and some really big changes in our home. Not sure if you read that post, but seriously here is the line from that post: I just wonder if I would be so willing to let him lead if it was regarding a big decision that would change our lives. 
I really wrote that not knowing anything about this new job offer. I passed the test(this time). Jason & I talked a lot about this big change and what it would mean. I did offer my opinion, but only when he asked. My answer stayed the whole time that I would support him no matter what choice he made and I would be ready & willing to move if the time came. After lots of praying it turns out Jason decided it wasn't the best plan for us at this time (thank you Lord). But I really did let him come to that decision all on his nagging from me about how horrible it would be to leave our families and friends.

To me it is clear that the Visions of a Leading Man was the biggest week for us. And God really put me to the challenge!!

We learned a lot about each other during this challenge. I am making a commitment to keep these things I have learned a top priority for us. And taking the time for our marriage is now a daily thing!!!

Thank you so much Courtney for putting together this great summer challenge...are you sure you don't want to have a fall marriage challenge too???

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  1. Have enjoyed following your blog through the marriage challenge! Blessings to your marriage!