Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Good Morning Girls

I have a group of friends that I love so dearly. Some of these friends have come along with me and joined in the Good Morning Girls group. Thanks to Courtney at Women Living Well for starting this.

I really feel so close to this group of Good Morning Girls & I love that we are so transparent with each other. I can feel us growing closer with each email.

Oh...I didn't tell you what the Good Morning Girls were all about it?
In a nutshell we are an accountability group (that is really the nutshell....we are SO much more to each other).

We email each other every day to share what we read/learn during our quiet time with God that day. Some of us have our quiet time 1st thing in the morning and others not till late at night. But whatever time of day you have your quiet time you email the group and share a little piece of what you read that day. Usually we end up sharing a lot more...and really opening up to each other about struggles, praises, or thoughts. And best of all when we share with each other we get emails back with great Godly wisdom and encouragement.

Over the last several weeks I have learned so much from this great group of ladies. We are finishing up our final week now...and I already know I will miss our daily emails so much. I think I will start marking off the days on my calendar until our fall session starts up.

To celebrate our time together(I really can't remember when we started was it June or July?) we had a wonderful Girls night out dinner (we were missing 3 of the girls). We all know each other in real life and are real life friends, but it was so great to get together and just hang out and talk after spending all this time emailing every day.

It really was wonderful!!!

I am sure when we rejoin up in a couple weeks a few will drop off as fall is a busier time. But I think most of us will be back and counting down the day until we get our 1st email that says Good Morning Girls!!!

Thanks friends for letting me be transparent and knowing that I needed to have my quiet time because there was someone waiting for my email that day. Will be praying for each of you daily...during our time apart!


  1. I love GMG as well! It is such a blessing!

    We are working on fixing the button code error. In the mean time, I have it up on my blog if you want to grab it (


  2. Came across your blog looking for GMG information. It definitely makes me more interested in signing up for a GMG group (though I don't know anyone in person to sign up with).

    I've enjoyed browsing your blog. Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Good Morning Girls sounds like an awesome group! I love starting my day with God..