Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Daily Moments (8/16-8/23)

Of course it wouldn't be a Project Life Tuesday post with The Mom Creative if I didn't miss a couple of days of taking pictures. So of course there are no pictures for Monday & Tuesday.

Wednesday-August 18th-We had a lot of fun swimming with our friends today. By the time we got home it was too late to take a nap. After changing my clothes this what I came down stairs to find. Apparently Jake had a different plan.

Thursday-August 29th-Jake found a piece of aluminum foil in the recycling bin and wanted to play with it. Soon he was walking into the kitchen with a piece on each foot....and said "do you like my shoes?" Love the model pose!

Friday-August 20th-I had my monthly girls night scrap booking and of course Mawmaw & Papa Jack came over to watch Jake until Jason got home. Jake kept telling me it was time for me to go...he was just a little excited to play with them. Before I left I took a picture of Mawmaw & Jake doing a puzzle book together.

Saturday-August 21st-Jake & Joss at our Saturday 'stache bash. We all had the best time and the kids especially loved when Vickie pulled out the stick on mustaches for them to wear. Aren't they the cutest...of course Jake had the cheese face right after I took the picture.

Sunday-August 22nd-Daddy & Jake reading the Sunday comics together and only a few short minutes later both of them were sound asleep on the couch. Love their Daddy-son time...so precious!


  1. Great pictures. That was some crazy shoes!! Have a blessed week♥

  2. Love the picture of our babies! Cracks me up. I def need a copy of it!