Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Daily Moments

It seems I wasn't really picture taking this week. I did get a picture most days, but other days I would think I need a picture of this. And then realize I didn't have my camera( I really hate how my phone takes pictures). So silently in my head I would think *click* I want to remember this moment. I am linking up another week with The Mom Creative for project life Tuesday.

Tuesday-July 27th-We were eating orange slice candy(for some reason I love these things). Jake said "mommy, watch me do a lemon face." Where he got this from I have no idea. But he would suck on the orange candy and suck his cheeks way in and then look like the 2nd picture afterward. Toocute!!

 Wednesday-July 28th-Happy Birthday to my wonderful sister Heather. Here we are at Zaxby's for birthday cake milkshakes. They really taste just like yellow cake mix...yummy!!!

Thursday-July 29th-as part of the previous weeks Completing Him Challenge I made Jason his most favorite dessert, pumpkin cheesecake.

Friday-July 30th-This is our local recycling center. Every week or sometimes every other Jake & I make a trip here with our 3 containers of recycling. And every time we leave I feel like super woman and that I did a small part to save the world. (crazy I know) But because of this super woman feeling I wanted a picture of one of the places that make me feel this way(kind of a dump when you look at the picture)!!

Sunday-August 1st-I am sure just like brothers Caleb & Jake fight. Some days that is all they do and then there are others where they get along great the whole day. This was one of those days. They put pillows on the floor and both pretended to be a sleep. I love that you can see Jake's scrunched up yes from trying to close them.


  1. Cute photos! I feel like that after recycling too. :-)


  2. The pumpkin cheesecake sounds DELICIOUS.

    The birthday cake milkshakes sound...unappealing. I don't like cake in its "normal" form so the milkshake version sounds kind of wonky. ;)

    You and your sister look a lot alike!