Wednesday, August 25, 2010

'stache bash

My best friend (spoonful of frosting) throws the very BEST parties. She is so creative and when she decides on a theme she runs with it.

She was selected by to host a Baboli grilling pizza party. Instead of just having a pizza party she went with an italian theme and turned it into a 'stache bash.

Random fact did you know that mustaches are the it thing right now...and super fun too!!

The kids each got to make their own pizzas and all of the adults helped make some super yummy pizzas.

With Vickie's help I made Jake a super cute I love mustaches shirt(which he loved!) Every time I put makeup on Jake asks for makeup so a while back I started drawing a mustache on him with my eye liner. So he was all about this mustache themed pizza party!

We all had our picture taken in the mustache photo booth with mustaches on sticks.

And of course did we not only enjoy s'mores pizza & fruit pizza for dessert...we had mustache cookies, mustache cake, & mustache chocolate suckers too.

 Just because these 2 are just way too cute & in an ideal world they would be prearranged for marriage!!

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