Thursday, July 8, 2010


This weeks Marriage challenge is: Admire Your Husband. If you are a blogger write a post all about your husband and what you admire in him and then show it to him! He will smile! If you are not a blogger, list the things you admire about your husband in the comment section and show it to him!

Showing it to him is so important. You may THINK he already knows the things you admire about him - but I'm afraid we don't tell our husbands often enough how much we do. 

I am so late in posting my completing him challenge this week. Monday was still a holiday for us(or at least we treated it that way). And then I have just spent some time today updating the blog. So here I am on Thursday posting my Monday marriage challenge. I guess it is better to do it late then not at all. Especially on such a week as this.

Here are some things I admire about wonderful husband.

1. He is a hard worker. He really takes his role as provider seriously and works A LOT. He is gone from 9am-10pm almost every single day. This is why we cherish his off days so much.

2. Which brings me to point number 2. He would rather spend his off time with us then out doing other things he enjoys like golfing.

3. He really is a total family man...and I love him for it.

4. The Dad he is to our sweet boy...melts my heart every time I see or hear them interacting. And you can totally tell that Jake thinks his daddy hung the stars and moon(sometimes I too have to remind myself that he didn't).

5. He is completely forgiving. Sometimes I can hold a grudge. (not so much with him, but with others who hurt me or make me mad). But Jason forgives others even for terrible things they do.

6. He is so compassionate and caring. To his family first, but then to those he is around as well.  His heart is so big!

7. He is so funny & fun to be around. He can come up with some of the best one liners to make you smile or roll on the floor cracking up.

8. He takes life in stride. I tend to be a total control freak or worrier. Jason is so great about helping me see that things will really work out according to God's plan. No amount of worry or controlling will change that. He can be so calm in stressful situations.

I could probably go on and on telling you all the wonderful things I admire about my husband.  But for now we will stop here.

Thank you Jason for being a man I can truly admire in all you do! All my love Always!

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  1. Hooray for family men!