Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Daily Moments (8/9-8/15)

Sharing another glimpse into our daily moments and linking up with The Mom Creative!
Monday-August 9th-Mondays are usually grass mowing days for Jason. Jake loves to be out there right beside daddy doing everything he does. They came in for a short break and you can see that Jake had to sit just like daddy, his sun glasses are on the table just like daddy & of course Jake has to have a gatorade just like daddy...these are the days!

Tuesday-August 10th- Today was election run-off day...can you see Jake's upside down Georgia voter sticker. He loves going with us to vote and handing in our voting card then getting his sticker.

Wednesday-August 11th-playing a fun game of memory...Mommy & her sweet boy memories are always the best. I love that he is getting old enough to play games with...I love games!!

Thursday-August 12th-Fearless...Jake is walking up the big hill to the top of the water slide. He did the slide at least 100 times all by himself...and loved every minute of it. I can't get over how little he looks walking up t his big hill!!

Friday-August 13th-a few of my friends and I joined with Women Living Well and made a Good Morning Girls group. We send each other emails each weekday sharing what we learned that morning(evening) during our quiet time with God. This group of friends has been such a blessing. Friday we all met up for a super yummy and fun dinner at Big Chow Grill.

Saturday-August 14th-Really this is the best I could get....at least they both have the same look on their faces. Jake had just been sitting on Caleb's lap, while Caleb pretended to be Santa and ask Jake what he wanted for Christmas. Of course when the camera came out they had to move and wouldn't smile for anything.

Sunday-August 15th-Sundays are almost always family days at my parents house. I love that Jake gets to spend so much time with his cousins and he loves it too. Tyler is helping Jake wash his hands...such big helpers the older cousins are to the little ones.

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