Friday, July 2, 2010

Water Boy!!

It is official...Jake LOVES the water.

We started the summer a little slow. He refused to wear any type of float and would only go in the water if someone was holding him. Well, really he had to be holding you. He would squeeze your fingers so tight to ensure you wouldn't be able to let go of him.

He did enjoy sitting on the steps and was perfectly content to get in & out of the water at the steps.

But something happened about a week ago....

He ASKED me to put his arm floaties on him. Still he wanted someone holding him while he wore them.
I started letting go of him and he would cry and freak out(yes, I know mean mommy). After about 2-3 times of this he realized he was floating even when no one was holding on to him. He was fine just being in the water (as long as I was close by).

Over the weekend he got totally brave and just wanted to be in the water ALL.THE.TIME.

Then the inevitable happened he said he wanted to jump off the diving board. So he would climb up the diving board and once on top I(or pawpaw) would drop him off the edge into the water. I was worried he wouldn't jump out far enough and hit his head. We did this a few times. Then he was jumping off the top step. And really pushing off and getting out in the water.

The next day of course he asked to jump off the board again. This time he jumped out all by himself(see video here) And then he was on repeat. He would jump off the board several times in a row, then was back to jumping off the step several times. With some swimming in between.

He is officially a water loving, swimming boy!!! My next plan is to slowly let the air out of the arm floats(yep, mean mom again). He kicks great and moves his arms when he is swimming with them on. I figure by slowly letting the air out he might be swimming by the end of the summer.

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  1. He's doing great! I really need to pick up a pair of arm floaties for my 3-year-old. I think she'd love them.