Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another year...another inch

The past 2 years we have taken a picture of my parents 4 grandsons looking out the back door of their house. The 1st time was really totally spontaneous, but then we loved it so much we decided to continue it every year. Although, 2 new grandsons have been added to the bunch this year we still just have the 4 boys in the picture. It is so much fun to compare the pictures each year.

                                                                2008(Caleb, Jake, Tyler, & Austin)
                                                     2009(Jake, Caleb, Tyler, Austin)
                                                  2010(Jake, Caleb, Tyler, & Austin)

And at the request of Oma here is a front facing picture from this year.
It is so much fun to see how each of the boys have grown. And at the same time so sweet boy was just a baby when this 1st picture was taken. Amazing how much bigger Caleb was then Jake 2 years ago and how they are almost totally caught up with each other this year. Also too cute that in 2009 you can see the top of both Caleb & Jake's diapers and this year they are both all grown up wearing underwear.

Love these memories and that we can go back to see the change every year. Hopefully when the boys are teenagers they won't get too mad when they have to look out Nana & PawPaw's back window for a picture.

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  1. This is a GREAT idea to take their picture every year in the same spot - adorable!