Thursday, July 15, 2010


8 years ago today we closed on our very 1st house.

What an exciting time it was for us.

So much has happened in our 1st home!

This is where we came the night we got married before leaving on our honeymoon.

This is where we found out we were expecting our 1st baby.

And then again where we brought him home to from the hospital.

Not to mention all the not so big, but still wonderful memories we have here in our 1st home.

Our neighborhood is wonderful....and I have met some of my very best friends here.

Jake has friends to play with

And we are happy here in our 1st home!!

I can't believe how different everything looks!

Look at our tiny Japanase Maple tree and how big it is now...not to mention the rose bushes we have planted with it now


  1. Oh, wow - it is beautiful and BIG :)

    Do you think you'll want to stay in the same house "forever"?

  2. Thanks! Not sure we will stay forever, but for a while...probably a long while.