Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daily Moments (7/12-7/18)

Another week is here. I feel like life is going so fast. I really feel like every time I blink it is a new day. And every time I blink I miss something. This Project Life Tuesday with The Mom Creative has really helped me to capture every day. Just the normal, silly, & fun of each day. I pay attention a little more so that I can be sure and capture that day on camera. And then the parts that I don't capture on camera I try to take a minute and breath it in. Store it away in my memory to the "I won't ever forget this" place.  Here is a look at this week. Unfortunately Sun. I didn't get any pictures.

Monday-July 12th-Just hanging out on the couch...I love that he thinks he is grown and has to cross his leg while he is sitting there. And this scrunched up eye smile is his new "cheeeeeeese" every time I pull out the camera.

Tuesday-July 13th-We have this spray bottle to keep the humidity right in the snake cage. It is filled with water and Jake loves to spray in the snakes cage...every time he is up stairs. This day he came walking down the stair spraying it in his mouth...of course he thought it was so funny.

Wednesday-July 14th-Jake is just hanging out at the pool. He didn't really want to be in the water, but was fine just sitting on the chair. (this was taken with my phone so it is terrible...can't wait until the iphone comes to verizon in January)

Thursday July 15th- Got this beach ball in the dollar section Target(love that place) Jake loves the ball. And thought it was great to sit on and do his exercise like mommy. Until he discovered it was even more fun to roll backward off the ball and fall down. Again here is his "cheeeeese" face.

Friday-July 16th-Jake helped me make chocolate banana bread & by help I mean he stared into the mixer asking me if it was down and could he lick the "mixing thing."

Saturday-July 17th-Date nights in the kitchen are so fun. Jake was sound asleep in his bed and Jason & spent time in the kitchen together. Making the most delicious homemade salsa. We were able to get 5 half pint jars and one pint jar. Not to mention fun conversations while chopping, mixing, cooking, canning, and hot water bathing.

Sunday-July 18th-again another day with no photo. We spent the day at my parents. Since the weather was yucky you can picture us playing scrabble for the grown ups & junkyard operation with Jake.


  1. That salsa looks so good! Is it hard to make?

  2. It was a lot of chopping, but other then that it was fairly easy. I have a post about it coming tomorrow.

  3. Oh boy, the time is flying by so fast!! Your son is just ADORABLE!!!

    Have a blessed week♥

  4. How big is the beachball did it last long