Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Daily Moments

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This week was super busy which made for a couple days with no pictures. Here is a short recap of the week. Wed night Jason's truck wouldn't start. He had to get a ride home from work and Jake & I had to drive him to work on Thursday morning. Thankfully it was only his battery and it is up and running now. Friday I took Jake to his mawmaw & papa Jack's. When I got in my car to leave it wouldn't start either...again the battery. 2 dead batteries in one week. Thankfully I was at my inlaw's house and they were able to help me with my car. I had wedding rehearsal Friday night for a wedding I was in Saturday. Friday night on my way to the rehearsal I got a phone call that they were taking my sister in for her c-section. She was 25 weeks pregnant with twin boys and had been in the hospital for a week. They were able to hold off labor until Friday when her contractions started again. She delivered Luke Stephen(1.5 pounds & 12") & Logan Michael(2 pounds 13") Friday evening.  The boys are doing as well as could be expected, but they will have a long stay in the nicu. Then Saturday I was in a friend from high schools wedding and Sunday we ended the weekend celebrating my nephews 3rd birthday. To say this has been a busy week is an understatement. But it was filled with so many blessings too!!! Here are pictures from the week(at least from the days that I have).

Monday July 5th- we were still celebrating 4th of July. We roasted marshmallows on the grill and made s'mores. But eventually just eating the marshmallows on the stick were better then the rest.

Tuesday July 6th- My Good Morning Girls group came over to hang out. We had such a great time!! I made these super yummy Martha Stewart s'mores cookies.

Wednesday July 7th-no picture for today...picture Jason's broken truck sitting at work

Thusday July 8th-again no picture today

Friday July 9th- Today we welcomed 2 tiny new nephews. Although, I have some pictures of them I wasn't sure if I should post them. If you are a praying person please pray for these tiny babies. But thankfully I have a super cute picture of Jake to share. He has been really into superheroes lately. Not a specific one, but he loves to run around the house yelling, "Superhero saves the day." His Mawmaw made him this super cute superhero cape with a J on the back. He loves it!!!

Saturday-July 10th- Here we are all dressed up after my friends wedding. It is such a joy to attend and be a part of a wedding.

Sunday-July 11th- Happy Birthday Caleb Reece today you are 3 years old. (of course the birthday boy is the one not looking...this was the best of like 5 pictures) We celebrated at Jump 4 Joey with a John Deere theme.

That is our week in a nutshell!!


  1. Oh my gosh! You look so beautiful! I love the dress! The cookies turned out so good! I know your doing bugs but wouldn't a superhero party be so cute!

  2. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh Wow! A very pregnant woman here now drooling over those smores cookies! Great pictures but now I have a craving lol!

  4. YUM!!!!! Those cookies look FABULOUS!!!! New Follower from Project Life Tuesdays!!