Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daily Moments

Another week has passed...can you believe it is July? I am linking up for Project Life Tuesday at
The Creative Mom. Hope you enjoy your peek into our week.

Monday June 28th-we decided to take Jason's truck to run some errands. Of all days it started to over heat. So we drove the truck to my parents house. Thankfully Mike was able to help Jason fix the problem. But we ended up spending most of the day there. Thankfully Jake & I found some bathing suits to borrow and were able to swim while we waited. (FYI...my cell phone takes the worst pictures ever)

Tuesday June 29- Lunch at Costco...one of our favorite places with our favorite people Tiboo(Caleb) & Wawa(Heather)!!! It is so cheap. Jake & I ate for just under $5. Not to mention the plethora of samples you get to try while you are walking around. We were stuffed to the max when we left there. Yummy!!!

Wednesday June 30-For our 4th of July swimming play date I made ice cream cone cupcakes with red, white, & blue sprinkles. Jake thoroughly enjoyed his. And I love this picture with the icing all over his face. Lots of fun times!

Thursday July 1st- We took a turn at canning....and loved it!! We canned a jar of banana peppers & can't wait to try other things. 
Friday July 2nd-Didn't take any pictures today
Saturday July 3rd-Pawpaw with 2 of his grandsons...this was like the 4th try...here Jake & Pawpaw are both saying Cheeeeeeese.

Sunday July 4th- Our little family dressed in our 4th of July outfits...such a fun day

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