Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mom Challenge

At the beginning of the month I posted about a fun 30 day mom challenge. Visit imom to find your printable 30 day mom challenge. Did you join in? It has been 30 days( I seriously can't believe how fast time goes)!! It was so nice for me to have a small challenge each day to focus on. I love checking things off a list. It was great to have something on my to do list that focused on doing nice things with/for Jake.

Over the last 30 days we have done things like, Leave a sweet note for your child, calculate how many weekends are left until your child graduates(696 on the day it was the challenge & now only 693), Todays mom focus: Joy or on another day it was love, and laugh with your child to name a few.

A little embarrassing to admit, but the hardest day had to be day 29. Almost the last day & the challenge was turn off your phone, computer, or tv today while your child is with you. Well Jake is with me from the time he wakes up(6:30 or 7) to the time he goes to bed at 7:30(love that he is). We don't do too much tv during the day. I let Jake watch a little, but never have it on anything for me so that was no problem. But then there was the computer & phone part too. I usually get on the computer a couple times a day while Jake is awake, but occupied with other things(Monday's post was auto scheduled). And my phone is always somewhere near.  I check it several times throughout the day. Because I wanted Jason or anyone else to be able to call if they needed I didn't turn my phone completely off. But I did set all my notifications to silent so that I wasn't drawn by the sound. I really make an effort to be totally present when I am with Jake. But there are times regularly when he is doing something else and I am checking my phone. It was great to not have the temptation & just be with Jake.

I loved having the 30 day challenge. I am going to be leaving it on my fridge. Some days won't really apply any more like the number of weekends, but it will still be great to have a reminder to focus on Jake or be patient & loving. Would love for you to share how it went for you. And if you didn't do it the 1st of September is tomorrow & would be a great time to start fresh!!

**as I typed this I was reminded I never did a recap on my 30 day hairstyles in June. Yes it was a while ago. So sorry I left that hanging. I did my half way recap & that is basically where I stopped. The rest of the month there were no new hairstyles. Guess we can mark that challenge as a fail.**

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