Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Daily Moments (8/14-8/20)

I said last week that I would do better with pictures this week...well not so much! Wish I would have had some foreshadowing before making that statement. On Wednesday my camera broke. It is a tiny little Nikon and didn't cost very much, but now all I have is my camera on my phone. Not the best for taking pictures of a super active boy. Not to mention that I still can't figure out how to get the pictures from my phone to the computer. I used to be able to email, but the last couple weeks that hasn't been working. When Jason gets home today I will make sure to have him show me so I can at least have a few pictures to share.

But here are the 3 pictures I have from this week before my camera broke.

 Sunday-August 14th-My parents recently got a floating poker table for their pool with water proof cards & foam poker chips. We had so much fun playing in the pool this weekend. Of course for no money, but it was still fun.
Monday-August 15th-I realized when I was getting ready for bed I hadn't taken a picture for the day. So here is a picture looking over to the empty side of the bed. Jason spent 2 nights on a house boat this week leaving his side empty. I don't do well with him being gone over night.

Tuesday-August 16th- Enjoy a great lunch with some super sweet friends at Chick-fil-a today. You can't really see, but they were passing out these Chick-fil-a hats to all the kids that were there. Not sure about Jake's face in this picture, I think it was "I just smiled for the last picture & now you want to take another one."

So there you have it. I am so lost without my camera. I know I hadn't been great with our Daily Moment post, but I still take a million pictures. Stinks to not have a real camera.

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