Sunday, August 28, 2011

Menu Plan (8/29-9/4)

Another week of meal planning. By far breakfast & lunch are the most difficult to plan. It is so easy to want to fall back on cereal & sandwiches. Those don't take much work or thought. So I am really trying to plan better breakfast & lunches with some variety.

Breakfast- eggs, toast, & fruit(x2), cereal & fruit(x3), english muffins & fruit(x2)

Lunch-Turkey ranch pinwheels(x2), grilled chicken on salad(x2), macaroni & cheese...all lunches served with fruit & veggies

Monday-marinated chicken, veggies & brown rice

Tuesday-tacos & black beans

Wednesday-left overs

Thursday-Baked ziti,(a family favorite) bread, & salad



Desiring Virtue

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  1. Ohhhh, I love baked ziti as well and it is so easy!!!!