Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mud Bath

I don't have a Daily Moments post this week, but I thought you all would enjoy this.

It started raining in the early afternoon. It wasn't a hard rain and with temperatures near 100 degrees it definitely wasn't cold outside. Even with the rain.

I was cleaning bathrooms and getting ready to start dinner. Jake asked if he could go play in the rain. Knowing that I was preoccupied I said "yes."

I checked on him every few minutes and he had been running around in the grass. Having a good time soaking up a summer rain.

A few minutes later I checked on him again and he was driving his truck in the mud...but only his feet were covered in mud. I asked him to try not to sit in the mud so that his shorts didn't get covered.

Again I go out to check on him, but this time I don't see him out the back door. I call his name and this is how he came walking around the corner...

After I could get my laughing under control I asked, "umm...Jake what are you doing." As if it was as normal as day he said "just taking a mud bath mommy." My only response was "I am glad you took your clothes off before you covered yourself in mud.

He was having the best time and thought it was the best thing to play in the mud. I asked him to knock on the door when he was ready to come in so I could hose him off before walking in the house. After all he was already covered what would have been the fun in yelling or telling him to come in.

It amazes me the messes he can get into with just a few minutes.

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  1. This picture made me laugh SO hard!!!! All I can say, is you have to use this one at the wedding slideshow!!!