Monday, August 22, 2011

Menu Plan (8/22-8/28)

Once again I will be linking up with Desiring Virtue & sharing our menu plan for the week with her Menu Mayhem. A great place to get ideas if you are stumped for dinner ideas. I know it really helps me because sometimes it feels like we have eaten the same things for months. I really do enjoy cooking and like to try new things, but we fall into the pattern of eating the same things. I notice this more as seasons come to an end. Summer is ending & I feel like we are just circling our summer meals. Because some of the things I am ready to eat are too fall to eat in summer. Do you have foods you only eat during certain times of year? I know I could make them whenever, but something about soup that is just right for cool nights & so wrong for super hot summer evenings.
Ok on with the meal plan for the week. Changing it up a little. I am just going to list our plan for breakfast & lunch together not a specific day. As it seemed last week we just ate what we felt like not paying attention to what day I had assigned it. Dinner I mostly stick to the day it is planned, although you will see a couple things repeated this week that we didn't get to last week.

eggs, toast, & fruit (x2), blueberry muffins(x2), breakfast burritos(x2), & cereal

leftovers, chicken salad(x2), turkey sandwiches, blts(x2), all with fruit, & veggies

Monday-Enchiladas, spanish rice, & corn(carried over from last week)
Tuesday-chicken tetrazzini, veggies, & bread
Wednesday-Left overs
Thursday-Chicken strips, potatoes, & veggie(carried over from last week)
Friday-pizza & veggies
Saturday-left overs
Sunday-dinner at my mom's

Desiring Virtue

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