Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One Fish, Two Fish

Jake started asking for a fish a few weeks back. He really wanted a gold fish.

We let a couple weeks go by of him still asking for a gold fish. We went to the pet store to look around. I thought getting a gold fish would be so simple. A small tank with some gravel and a difficult could that be?

                                                The fish getting used to their new environment
Our first trip to the pet store left us with a lot more questions and nothing purchased. We did find out that a tank needed to be set up for a few days before you could add fish. So home we went to talk more about this fish. That I really thought would be such a simple thing.

Another trip to the pet store & our 2nd warning that gold fish were a lot of work. That they needed a lot of space and a lot more cleaning then most other types of fish. Because Jake was so set on a gold fish we weren't real sure what to do at this point.
                                                            Adding the fish to the tank

While Jake went to spend the night with his grandparents Jason & I went and bought a tank. We had it all set up in his room when he came home(minus the fish).  He was so excited to see the tank set up. And a couple days later we made yet another trip to the pet store.

At this point we had decided on platy fish. We could get at least 3 since they are schooling fish & according to the pet store were fairly easy to care for. Plus a fun aspect for Jake a couple of them have 3 black spots in their tails that look like mickey mouse.  Of course after deciding on 3 platy fish, we also picked up a black molly, & an algae eating upside down catfish.

We all love the fish tank after 2 days of a couple of causalities(2 fish dies within 2 days). We were able to replace those fish & thankfully Jake wasn't too upset with the fish dying. Thankfully since then all fish have lived.

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