Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Daily Moments(8/7-8/13)

Another Daily Moments post, but not very many pictures. I am hoping to do much better this week with pictures and have a full week to share next Tuesday. Enjoy the couple pictures I have this week.

 Monday- August 8th- Jake loves washing dishes!! He would stand at the sink for hours washing dishes. It is great when I am working in the kitchen & there isn't much cooking he can help with.
 Wednesday-August 10th-Jake had his 1st sleep over with his cousin Caleb. It cracks me up how kids can sleep. When I checked on them and found this I had to snap a picture.

Ok...that is all I can share now. I have another picture on my phone, but it won't seem to go to the computer. If I can figure it out I will update with that.

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