Monday, August 8, 2011

A Mom Challenge

Erin of In Between Laundry recently posted this 30 day mom Challenge. After reading over the list it seemed like fun.  It was a few days before August began I decided to give myself the challenge too. We are now 8 days in and it has been great to have a small challenge each day to focus on for my relationship with Jake.

So far it has all been pretty simple things, but special at the same time. And some of this is stuff I want to be doing all the time, but sometimes the busyness of the day makes me forget.

Over the last 8 days it has been: Go the whole day without yelling at your child, hug your child 3 times today, kiss them while they sleep, or remind yourself they are only "3" years old & treat them that way. Along with some others too.

Do you want to join in with the 30 day mom challenge? We are only 8 days in and most of the first 8 days you could do all in one day and be caught up.

Go to imom to print a copy of the 30 day Mom Challenge. 

If you decide to participate or even decide to wait until the next 1st of the month I would love for you to comment and let me know you are joining in.

Would you add anything else to the 30 day challenge? What are some things you struggle with in your daily life as a mom.

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