Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Knitting a blanket

You might remember I am learning 12 new things in 12 months. The month of October was knit a blanket. I suppose I had very high expectations for this months new skill. I already knew how to knit, but really just very basic. I would like to learn more about knitting, but for this month it was just a blanket. I honestly thought I would be I kept putting off posting about this blanket I was knitting. It just wasn't coming along as fast as I had anticipated. I knew I could do a scarf in just a few days and even during this months challenge I knit a baby hat in one day. You would think a blanket in a month would be doable.


I am still working on the blanket. As you can see in the picture I have several upon several more rows to go before it is blanket size. It looks really ruffly because it is all pushed onto the needle. If I spread it across 2 needles it doesn't look as ruffly and you can see a little better the width of the blanket.

Octobers skill is still a work in progress. I will post back when the blanket is finished. But be keep in mind that realizing this is going to take much longer then initially thought it might be February or March before my knitting looks like a blanket.

For fun here is the baby hat I knit for one of my nephews.

Novembers new skill is pie crust. This I know will be finished in time for a post in November. I am trying out pie crust for Thanksgiving. Hopefully it turns out great!

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  1. Love the color and the tassels on the hat! Blankets do take time, looks great so far, keep at it!