Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Faith Box

A couple of weeks ago Angela over at Good Morning Girls was giving away the My Faith Box. I entered the drawing and won!!! Well really the amazing Angela and her husband decided to give a My Faith Box to everyone who entered. I was so excited to receive one and couldn't wait to get my box in the mail and check it all out.

The box arrived this week and it is every bit as wonderful as I had imagined.

It comes with the My Faith Box that you store the My Faith Book(also included) in. But then  you can also store whatever other things you want in the box. This is a great way to keep things that mark your child's and/or family's faith journey.

Here is a description of the box directly from Lake Pointe Church.
A new resource for parents to guide their child's faith journey and capture spiritual growth keepsakes.  My Faith Box includes a My Faith Box and My Faith Book.  Ideal to help you create an age-specific plan on each birthday and capture memories from special milestones; while giving you resources and ideas for how to be intentional in helping your child know, love and follow Jesus.

The book has several tab sections with different subjects to write about. Including fun things like your child's birth and memories from their birth. Then there is a section to write a parent plan each year on your child's birthday along with a section for them to write(of course when they are old enough to write). The parent resource section is full of so many great ideas and ways to be intentional about passing on your faith to your child. 

I am so excited that I have this box for Jake and can't wait to start filling out every page for him. 

I think this will be my new favorite baby shower or 1st birthday gift. Wouldn't that be a great gift for a new baby? Something that they would have with them all their life and be able to use every year. Be sure to head over to Lake Pointe Church to see the box and purchase some of your own. It is never too late to start filling your child's faith box and book. 

Little side note: my friend Kristy also won a My Faith Box. Her daughter is the one we say Jake is prearranged with. When we found out we would both be receiving a box we said "what a fun thing for our grandchildren to have to look through from both their parents." Just a thought and even so won't it be awesome for Jake to have something to share with his kids showing his faith journey. 

I can't say enough how much I love this box and book.


  1. Can't say enough good things about the My Faith Box! Jake and Joss are going to be sick of us pushing them together! hahaha :0)