Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Daily Moments (10/31-11/6)

Here we are into November and another week of daily life. Joining in with Jessica at The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday.

Sunday -October 31st-Halloween!!Our family of 3 with Spider man Jake getting ready to go trick or treating.

Tuesday- November 2nd-Jake didn't have a nap today, but around 3:30 he couldn't take it any more and crashed on the couch. He is in the between stage of naps. Not wanting to take one, but some days really needing one.

Wednesday-November 3rd-sometimes when I take a shower I let Jake stay down stairs and watch tv. When I came down stairs today he just looked so cute and into his show sitting in his little red rocking chair.

Thursday- November 4th- This week we were working on letter I. When I was a preschool teacher we did this art project and I was so glad I remembered it. I did have to google the exact combination but it was so fun. We mixed 1/2 cup shaving cream with a little less then 1/4 cup of glue. Mix it together (it is fun to play with too). Then Jake scooped it onto his ice cream cone and when it drys it is still puffy.

Friday-November 5th- We took Caleb & Jake to their first concert...we thought it might be the 1st of many in their lives. We took them to see Slugs & Bugs live. It was so cute and the guy sings some silly and fun songs. Here the boys are being rocket ships.

Saturday-November 6th-My nephew Logan was able to come home today (Luke will probably be home later this week). Here are Jake & Caleb meeting their cousin Logan for the 1st time. They are both in love with him. And Jake kept telling Amber "I like your baby Logan, he's my favorite."

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