Monday, November 22, 2010

Beat my time!

I finished my 2nd 5K this weekend!!! Seriously these things could get addicting...I hate it while I am doing it and feel like it is so hard, but as soon as I am finished I feel awesome and wonder when the next one will be.

Today's time 42:50 almost exactly 5 minutes faster then my 1st one (47:47).

Coming around the corner to the finish line I could see the clock and that it said 42 minutes...I ran faster then I have ever ran in my life knowing that I could finish in 42 minutes. My goal this time was 45 because to me 2 minutes faster seemed good, but a WHOLE 5 minutes for me is fabulous!!!

I wonder if I will get teary every time I start approaching a finish line.

You might remember this post several months ago about dreaming to be a runner. I am still not there yet, but I am running a lot more in with my walking. Still not totally getting the mind freeing thoughts while running, but when I am done it really feels good to know I ran (even if for only a few minutes at a time).

It was great to do this 5K with my very best friends, sister, cousin, & step-dad. We all started together and then found our strides, finishing any where from 28 minutes to 45 minutes, but we all finished!! I have to say we are all are GREAT!!

So my hope is that one day I will be able to run a complete 5k without walking. But for now I will strive to beat my time with each race!!

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  1. Look at you! Your 2nd 5K already! You are awesome. :)