Monday, November 8, 2010

Making Your Home A Haven

I really can't believe this fall challenge is over. Thank you so much to Courtney at Women Living Well for hosting this challenge. It has been so great to have an actual step to take to focus on making our home a haven instead of a place of chaos.

I truly love lighting my candle each day. The reminder throughout the day to take a minute and pray is such a joy. It is so nice to just take a minute and say a short sentence prayer for someone that is on my heart at the moment or for myself and my attitude toward the day.

The music has been kind of hit or miss. Some times I just forget to turn it on. And other days I just want it to be quiet in my house with the exception of Jake & I. And believe it or not even just having one child there can be plenty of noise in our house.

The areas that were cleaned during the week of clearing the clutter have remained cleared. And I am looking for other areas to continue to improve the clutter flow.

And I have been focusing on tender moments with my family. Whether just to be snuggly on the couch with Jake(it was great this past week with the weather getting cooler and a couple of rainy days) or if I am making a favorite meal for them.

I am praying that each of these things will stay in our home especially during this up coming busy season. That I will not be so focused on the "commercial" part of each holiday and making things perfect. That instead I will take time to be sure my home is a haven for those that will come to it and even more so for my family on a daily basis.

I have loved this challenge and my family has definitely benefited from me working to make our home a haven.  Again thank you Courtney!!!

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