Monday, November 15, 2010


Well, I guess pictures of Halloween are better late then never right? Around Halloween there were lots of posts going around the blog world about whether or not it was ok to celebrate Halloween as a Christian. We are very much a Christian, God loving, Jesus believing, Bible reading family, and we celebrate Halloween. It is fun to dress up in a favorite costume, spend time with family & friends and go knocking for some candy.

Jake had lots of fun this year and was all into trick or treating weeks before Halloween was even here. This Halloween was made even more special because this was the 1st year Jason was actually home for Halloween...what a treat that was for us.

As with years past all of our family met at our house and then we headed out in our neighborhood. This year we were also joined by some great friends of ours. And being that we know lots of people in our neighborhood and are in fact good friends with a lot of them it is always fun to see everyone out and about throughout the neighborhood.

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